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Hi there,

Currently I’m on my summer holidays and I spent last week in the south of France, therefore I had a lot of free time to sit back and spend an entire day reading.
I’m don’t normally read a lot of contemporary YA but I if I do it tends to be over the summer. I don’t really know why, it just feels like the right time for cheesy romances and teen angst I guess. I have quite a few books to review because in the eight days I was away I read seven books, five being contemporary romance. Apologies if this is a long post.

The first book I read was The Boy Who Sneaks In My Bedroom Window by Kirsty Moseley. Overall I loved this book and I enjoyed it so much I feel it deserves it’s own individual post. The book focus’s on a girl named Amber, her brother Jake and their next door neighbour Liam (The boy who sneaks through her window to check is she is okay). Amber and Jake were abused by their father at a young age and it still haunts them and this is the main underlying theme of the novel.
For a book predominantly set in or around school this had a very dark side to it, which I loved. The relationships also seemed very genuine and had no sense of insta-love which only fuelled my love for this book.  Straight into my top five favourite books of all time.

The next book I read was Evermore (The Immortals #1) by Alyson Noel. This was a highly recommended series for YA light fantasy enthusiasts, so it sat on my TBR for a long time till I stumbled upon it in a charity shop of £1. It focus’s on a girl called Ever who is the only one to survive her families car accident. She is left with mind reading abilities and is capable of seeing her dead little sister. She meets the new guy Damen and the book focus’s on his unearthly abilities and their growing Love.
To be honest I don’t really know how I feel about this book. It had a really interesting plot with some great characters but I just felt like there was always something missing: I felt things were quite jumpy and erratic at the start so its didn’t really flow and I wasn’t sure about what was going on, as the book progressed I love it and presumed my earlier feelings was just that I had been tired and skipping lines but by the last few chapters it was back to the random jumpiness again.
I also felt like Damon and Ever’s relationship was forced at times but again it was sporadic so maybe I’m just going insane. I am going to read the next in the book to see if that clears the fussiness and see how it goes.

I then read Always You also by Kirsty Moseley because of how much I had enjoyed the first book of hers I had read. This follows a girl named Riley and how she falls in love with her best friend Clay.
This book was extremely fast pace. I felt like the first five chapters could be a novel in their own right. There were so many differing plots all intertwined into this book, which was a little confusing. The speed in which things happened and the amount of plots that all happened simultaneously made me feel like this had been multiple novels and she edited it down into one. I again loved the writing style and how in-depth the characters were. If you are into YA romances than I really recommend Kirsty Moseley.

The fourth book I read was What A Boy Wants by Nyrae Dawn. I hadn’t had this on my TBR very long but it’s unique POV made me want to read it, so I skipped it up to the front of the list. A boy called Sebastian decides he’s going to make money by giving girls advice on how to get the guy of their dreams. Then very predicably he falls in love with someone and doesn’t know how to handle the situation.
This was very interesting to me as normally romance fiction is written from a females POV; I loved it being written from the perspective of a guy, it was a nice change to the normal teen romances. I would definitely read more from Dawn.

I then read Pushing The Limits by Katie McGarry. Oppositely to my previous read this had been on my TBR since 2015 so I felt it was about time to finally get round to reading it while I was in the mood for contemporary romances. Echo was the popular girl with everything she ever wanted, then one day something happens to her that is so devastating her brain erases all traces of what happened to her. She is left with horrific scars on her arms that everyone mocks her for. She is cast out of her social circles and meets the wrongly-judged bad-boy Noah and I’m sure you can guess what happens from there.
I didn’t mind this book but it also wasn’t the best book I have ever read. The main story of Echo and how she got her scars was very interesting to begin with. It then got quite tiresome and repetitive and eventually when what happened was revealed it was severely flawed in logic and was a bit of a let down.

By this stage of my holiday I was running out of things to read as I had only planned to read three or four books and I hadn’t thought this far in advance. I decided it would be a good idea to try finish some of the books I started and never finished. This is quite a bad habit of mine; I read a chapter or so of a book and if it doesn’t grab me instantly then I put it down and don’t read it for months. The last two books I read were from this list.

The Guardian (The Guardians #1) by Katie Klein, is a YA light fantasy about a girl named Genesis who keeps getting into accidents resulting in coming close to death multiple times. She is then visited by her Guardian Seth, they have an instant connection and she is drawn into his world and the battle between good and evil. (I know; very cliché of me)
Again this was one of those Meh books. Those books that aren’t the best but also not the worst. The plot was slow to start (Hence why I put it down so early on) and then it became quite rushed, like she needed to fit it all into a certain word count. Some of the relationships seemed forced; like they had to be like this for it to be a conventional YA read.

The second and final book from this list I read was Craving (Steel Brothers Saga #1) by Helen Hardt. This book was a bit too far into the erotica genre for my personal tastes. To be fair to the book I did really like the writing style, but the main plot was a little to steamy for me to enjoy, hence why I had stopped so early on into the reading.

Due to the high amount I read last week I have kind of taken a step back this week and bit a lot more chill in my reading habits. Normally I finish two a week at minimum. This week I have finished none and am only a few chapters into my first book of the week;
New Moon (Twilight #2) by Stephanie Meyer.

Now I am a avid fan of the Twilight films; I know their not for everyone and the acting is pretty abysmal but their is something about them that I just love. I put off reading the books as I was scared they would be bad and put me off the films. It was quite the opposite, I adored the first book. I preferred it to the movie as I felt the characters had so much more life; Edward is actually pretty funny but they cut all his humorous lines from the films for some unknown reason (#TeamEdward). I loved the first book an really wanted to read the second but I went on holiday before I had a chance to buy it. Now I’m back I finally got round to starting it.
New Moon was always my least favourite film and I am page 47 in the book. I can’t seem to bring myself to read any further as I know I am about to read the most devastating scene to any Team Edward fan. So far I am enjoying it just as much as the previous book and I can’t wait to get through this dreadful chapter so I continue on with the book without any worries.
I am really excited for the third book (my reading plans for next week) as it was my favourite movie so maybe the anticipation of what is to come will get me through the torturous scene.

Other than The Boy Who Sneaks In My Bedroom Window which like I already said was getting it’s own post if there is anything else you would like a more in-depth review of just Contact me. So thanks for reading my first weekly post. I know it was a long one and I promise next weeks will be shorter.

Have a good weeks and happy reading,


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