The Infinity Gene Book Tour and Giveaway.

Hi, Happy Thanksgiving to anyone who is celebrating today. This is my stop on The Infinity Gene by Sue Book Tour by Xpresso Book Tours. Hope you have a fantastic day - let's get right into it. The Infinity Gene Sue Wyshynski (Girl On Fire, #2) Publication date: August 31st 2017 Genres: New Adult, Romance, … Continue reading The Infinity Gene Book Tour and Giveaway.


Wednesday's Word of the Week: Facetious Meaning: Treating serious issues/situations with deliberately inappropriate humour. Example: Flippant Where I heard it: We were discussing nice words to say in maths the other day and I thoroughly agreed with the person who suggested it because it is a fantastic word to say. Fa-cee-sh-ih-s.


Meaning: Old Scots word for the owner of a brothel. Example: The elderly bawd seizes his sleeve. How I heard it: I am studying Liz Lochhead poetry in school and she has one aptly named Bawd. I recommend it. I am really enjoying her work. This is going to be my new format for Wednesday's Word of the … Continue reading Bawd