Top 5 Characters on the Naughty List

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This is my first Christmas-ey post of the year. I LOOOOOOVVVEEEE CHRISTMAS! It is 120% definetly my favourite time of year. All cosy and warm while the wind and snow literally smashes your windows in. (It’s Scotland, it’s literally freezing all the time)
But anyway I was surfing the blog stratosphere and I found this adorable post idea of Ally Writes Things. She is very sweet and cute and you should totally check her out.


Pete from Obscured by C. M. Boers

When I picked up this book the blurb made me expect to love this character. Don’t always trust the blurb. He is evil incarnate and I trust Eli all the way!! I also have a review on it here – but be warned there are spoilers.

Blake from Always You by Kirsty Moseley

I HATE HIM FOR WHAT HE DID TO Clay!!! I mean I do feel a little sorry for him but at the same time I hate him more because of what he did to Clay! This is a lovely book and I spent the whole time being completely enraptured by the action even if it is a little unrealistic. If you like a good contemporary romance with a little thrill you need to read this!

Clay from Crush by Lacey Weatherford 

Not to be confused with the adorable Clay I was just talking about. This guy is a creep and just I have no words for the horror he is. Loved the book though – yes it was a bit predictable but loved it all the same.

Carter from Nothing Left to Loose by Kirsty Moseley

He also is just a despicable human being who doesn’t deserve to be talk about other than in the respect that it brought Anna and Ashton together.  He is an incredible bad guy – just the kind you love to hate and make you ecstatic when good prevails. Also I have a post here on it if you want more on it.

Zoey from The House of Night Series by P. C. and Kristen Cast

Similarly to Ally’s post – this isn’t a villain. This is actually the protagonist. I don’t know what it is about her but she just grinds my goat (I know its not a saying but oh well)
She is so full of herself and thinks she is some gift from God and yet she is so unbelievably naive that I could literally give her the answer and she would still not get it. I can’t even voice how much I hate her into words. All I can tell you is try read one so you can see the true annoyingness and arrogance of her character.


I realised just as I was writing this that it’s bad that out of my list if I had to only pick one to cull and send to hell for an eternity and a half – it wouldn’t be the near murderer, rapist or mob boss…it would be the arrogant and mindbogglingly idiotic teenage vampire who is more concerned with her eighteen different boyfriends than the murderer running round killing her friends and making them zombies.
I don’t know about you but I definitely think I made the right choice.

Anyway, this is the first of hopefully a few christamasssy themed posts. I do hope you enjoy and have a merry chrimbo.

Thanks and Happy Reading,

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