The Winter Tag


4 days to go!! Another tag for you today. I saw this one over on Reading with Jessica’s blog. She had some great answers so you should check her out. She didn’t tag me but I LOVED this tag so I am doing it anyway.


The Rules:

  1. Share 12 random facts about yourself.
  2. Answer the 12 questions.

Random Facts:

  1. I HATE (I MEAN DISLIKE WITH A STRONG PASSION!!) MELTED CHEESE. I don’t eat lasagna, cheese on toast and pizza and so many more but those are the ones people are most shocked about.
  2. I have broken my collarbone by being dropped during a lift in my dance class.
  3. I really hated reading until the start of this year (SO many thanks to my best friend Cara who got me to change my mind)
  4. I love musicals. From Dear Evan Hansen to good old Les Miserable and so many more – if it has some tunes I will watch it.
  5. I also adore Disney – I literally cried when I saw the Disney castle when I visited Paris last year.
  6. I have a passion for makeup. I have a massive collection – my pride and joy being the 74 (ish) lipsticks I have displayed in colour order….*REALISES HOW ODD I AM*
  7. I play quite a few computer/console games. Some of my faves are Stardew valley, COD BO2, the Sims and Prison Architect.
  8. I really want to learn Scots Gaelic (I am Scottish) I know very little so far but I have started.
  9. I want to be a published author one day and I have written a complete already novel (Which i am tweaking) and I am hoping to study English and Creative Writing at University next year.
  10. I have played many instruments in my years – Trumpet, Tenor Horn, Drum Kit, Piano and I have been a singer throughout it all. I now only play very little piano and sing in the shower (or any other opportunity)
  11. I love napping and I literally can nap for hours and hours, wake up for like 5 mins then go back to sleep.
  12. I love rollerblading and Ice skating and I do it whenever Scottish weather permits.

The Questions:

What are your favourite things about Winter?

Snow, hot drinks and soup (lots of homemade soup!)

What is your favourite Winter outfit?

Winter boots, massive hoodies, scarf and fluffy socks.

What is your favourite Winter Food?

My grans special homemade soup that no-one else can make like her. I only get it at Christmas so it’s special. Mince Pies are great too.

What is your favourite Winter Drink?

Hot chocolate. Specifically the Costas Billionaire’s hot chocolate on this years Christmas specials list.

What is your dream way to spend a Winters Day?

Sitting writing on my laptop in my pj’s. Or playing computer games (and/or) watching TV with my brother.

How do you like to do your makeup in the Winter?

It depends on the day, my mood, how much time I have and any recent purchases I have made but it doesn’t tend to differ from any other time of year other than the occasional berry lipstick.

What are you hoping Santa brings you?

I don’t tend to ask for books for Christmas – I mainly get book tokens that I can then go buy stuff with.

What are the first three things that remind you of Winter?

Christmas music, snow, celebration sized chocolate bars.

What is your favourite Winter Song?

Either White Christmas by Bing Crosby or Fairytale of New York by The Pogues.

What is your favourite Winter Memory?

My parents filming my brother and I opening our presents on an old camcorder.

What is your favourite Winter Scent?

It’s technically not christmassy but Vanilla Lime by Yankee candle.

Finish this sentence… If I could have anything this Christmas, it would be…

For the film Elf to never be shown ever again. EVER!!


I am not tagging anyone as I was not tagged – If you want to do this go for it!
I hope you enjoyed, I will be back for another Christmas post tomorrow.

Thanks and happy reading,

6 thoughts on “The Winter Tag

  1. I unofficially tag you ❤ ❤ Loved reading your answers!! I can't believe you dislike Elf so much! GASP!!! It's okay though, I'll love it for the both of us lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks ❤
      If I’m being honest its not elf I have a problem with it is Will Farrell. Anything he is in I just can’t watch.
      I guess spaghetti and maple syrup is just not my scene 😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

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