Wednesday's Word of the Week: Gigolo Meaning: Male Prostitute Examples: escort, Casanova Where I Heard It: I heard it ages ago but it resurfaced when my friend Anna messaged me today asking if I knew that a gigolo was a male prostitute; the hilarity of the funny word was too much for her to handle.


Wednesday's Word of the Week: Sclerotic Meaning: Crippled Examples: Weak, Debilitated or Tremorous Where I Heard It: It was again on my thesaurus app that gives me a daily word (this was Sunday's word) - when I saw this one I loved the sound of it so I saved it for today.

January TBR

Hi and Happy New Year! I thought I would start the new year with my January TBR. I have prelims in mid January so I don't plan on reading much other than history textbooks in the first few weeks, therefore this will be shorter than usual. I got all the descriptions from Goodreads as per … Continue reading January TBR