My Year in Reading – 2017

Year in reading


Happy New Year everyone!! I know this is being posted an hour or so before the actual new year (at least in the UK) but i am wishing you a good new years anyway.
I thought I would end the year by summing up what I have achieved because I am truly proud of myself.
I will proudly say that I hated reading majority of my life. I was one of those people who said “why wait for the book when the movie will come out in a couple of years”. I KNOW HOW SCANDALOUS!
It was at the start of the year that something just clicked while I was reading The Lake Series by AnnaLisa Grant because a trusty friend wouldn’t let me do the whole hating reading thing without at least trying to help me first.
I realised that I actually loved a book.
At first I was like “that doesn’t make me a bookworm or a book-lover. Its only one book series” and then the next series came and the next and the next and look where I am. I can’t believe that one year ago I would have turned down free YA books (yes I actually did that)
Now I know that that was a long and ramble-ie way of saying I hit my reading goal this year but oh well, I love this blog and feel that I should be my complete self – that come with all the rambling tendencies and the awful made up words.

2017 reading challange
Here is my full Goodreads year in books page if you are interested, this was basically that but shuffled about and my own odd comments thrown in for good measure.

pages 2

By the time this is posted I hope to have hit 69 because I am literally like 50 pages away, but it depends on how much time I have so maybe it will stay at 68. I think nearly twenty thousand pages is pretty good for only 68 books I mean. It means my average length was around 300 pages which sounds okay.


Most and least popular

Out of all the books I have read this year Twilight has been the highest read and Equinox was the lowest – I am not surprised by this because Equinox only came out about a month ago. I seriously recommend both these books though no matter their popularity on Goodreads.

These are the genres I read this year in an extremely generalised fashion. There is no romance or YA category because while compiling this I realised that is basically all I readGenres with the exception of a few NA books. Every. Single. One. Of these had a significant romance to their plot.

Red: Supernatural
Yellow: God/Angel
Purple: Urban Sci-fi
Light Blue: Non-Fiction
Dark Blue: Sci-fi
Green: Contemporary



This is the make up of the Supernatural genre because I realised how generalSupernatural Sub-genres that category was.

Blue: Witches
Light Purple: Vampire
Medium Purple: Werewolf
Dark Purple: Demon



So, that’s it for this year. I hope you have been enjoying my blog and my odd company for the past wee while. I hope you have the very best New Year and may you all make many resolutions only to break them after a few days. šŸ™‚

Happy New Year Everyone,


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