You Do You ~ Perpetual Fangirl

This is an unusual post for me but when I was scrolling the reader tab on WordPress, keeping updated on the goings on and all and I stumbled on this incredible post by Perpetual Fangirl who I am an avid reader of. It was a very basic post in premise: YA Recommendations. But right at the end of the post which had me nodding in agreement throughout, this quote had me falling in love with the post so much I had to hop on a justperpetual fangirl quote her because it was so inspirational to me.

“So basically just this: Read whatever you want. Read YA, NA, Adult, Non-Fiction, Fiction, magazines, articles, textbooks, a fucking menu. It shouldn’t matter because reading is amazing, and it’s unbelievably beneficial to both the physical and mental health of a person.
You do you, Baby Boo. And screw whatever other people say” ~ Perpetual Fangirl

You can find her on various social medias and I seriously recommend because how perfect of a quote is that?!?!?! I love YA and NA and hell even Erotica is growing on me a little! I read what I want so why shouldn’t you! If you wish to read her whole post because it’s great you can find it HERE!

Perpetual Fangirl’s Links:

I hope you enjoyed this odd little segment – I just felt like I had to share it with you 🙂

Thanks and Happy Reading,

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