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Hi guys, just a quick message from me before I hand it over to the special guest – one of my favourite humans – Anna. Just to say hope you like this and are having a good day and if you want more of this to tell me because I loved giving Anna free reign on my precious blog – this shows true friendship. Also, I chose this tag for her because she loves cake – chocolate more though. I also didn’t change anything but the spelling errors and added links and such. And Anna…you did a brilliant job – blogger, or not LOL! You can find my Annbann on twitter HERE!
See you guys tomorrow for a normal post by boring old me again. Over to you Annie…

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Hello, May’s book blogger buddies. Welcome, I am the famous Anna who has been mentioned a few times in Maisy’s blog. Today is going to be different because for one night only unless May is entertained by my post, I may do it again whoop whoop! I am going to do the cake book tag which looks very fun to do, but also because I asked Maisy to choose a tag for me of which she chose the cake book tag so let the tag commence.

Flour: A book that was slow to start with but picked along as it went:

My answer to this question is the book ‘the fifth wave’ by Rick Yancey. The genre of this book is a sci-fi which I can never pronounce because I forget the ‘c’ is silent oops. The world has been invaded by the others- aliens that look like us- and Cassie the main girl is alone in the world trying to find out where the soldiers took her brothers and other children whilst trying to survive not knowing whether the people she meets are human or aliens. The beginning of this book was very slow and complicated to keep up with whose character you were reading about. However, it got better when I figured out the pattern of how the author was writing this book. I enjoyed this story once the action happened and characters storylines were developed.

Margarine: A book that had a really rich and great plot and

The next book is one of my favourites ‘Dare to fall’ by Estelle Maskame. I loved the plot of this book because it wasn’t just your typical YA cliché romantic novel which is my favourite kind of books, but this book was different. Maskame did not shy away from the important theme of grief in which the two main characters- Mackenzie and Jaden- were struggling to deal with and didn’t realise that when you are going through a tough time talking to someone about it. Dare to fall got across its message that different people deal with grief in their own way however that does not mean that they don’t need someone to tell them it’s going to be okay. The reason why this was one of my favourite books (which Maisy still has not read yet tut tut) is that the romance had a slow burn-nature to it which I enjoyed as you watched their love story grow in front of your eyes.

Eggs: A book you thought was going to be bad but was actually quite enjoyable

This is another book that is one of my favourites ‘City of Bones’ by Cassandra Claire. My brother bought this book for my birthday and I wasn’t too sure about it because it was different from any book I had read. It was the first fantasy book I had ever read and I loved it. Fantasy isn’t my usual go to but my brother is a big fan of books and I think he wanted to give me a book which was different from my usual comfort book and I felt he was also trying to convince me to join the fantasy genre lovers which I wouldn’t mind joining. I have not read all the books in the series but I like to have a complete series so I better get saving. I love the television series of mortal instruments, I haven’t watched it in a while as we stopped our Netflix account but we have now re-purchased so I need to catch up with what’s happening but also so I can see my fave guy Matthew Daddario who plays Alec Lightwood.

Sugar: A sugary sweet book

This book that I am about to mention is again of my favourite books ever written ‘Once and for all’ By Sarah Dessen. I absolutely love this book, it is the definition of adorableness, full of clichés and WEDDINGS which I love. I love the plot for this book because Louna the main character- I love that name- loses the love of her life which I just about cried at because it’s very topical and just horrible to even think of what Louna went through. Louna then stops believing she will ever find love again though she is reminded constantly of it because her mother works as a wedding planner. I love this book because although it’s a romantic novel it mentions Louna’s path to recovery on dealing with grief. Ambrose is the romantic interest in Louna’s life who I love because he’s your typical charming boy who always seems to know how to charm your socks off. I love the relationship between all the characters and I especially love Louna’s mum’s gay assistant he just adds a whole lot of fabulous in the book and although he isn’t Louna’s dad he treats her like his daughter.

Icing: A Book that covered every single moment you enjoyed about a book

Again I would probably say ‘Once and for all.’ Can you do the same book twice? The problems of not being a blogger and having no clue about what you are doing. This book had everything that I like about a book. It had ROMANCE which I love, it also had heartbreak/tragedy and most of all it had humour which all good books have.

Sprinkles: A book/ series you turn to for a little pick me up when you are feeling down

I don’t think there is one book that instantly cheers me up if I’m sad. Any book I read will cheer me up no matter what the Genre is. However, I think if I had to choose it would probably be a light-hearted book.

The Cherry on Top: your favourite book this year

As 2018 has only really just begun I haven’t read as many books as I would have liked too. I also have a very bad memory so I have no idea when I read the book I’m going to choose however it’s one of my favourites ‘Holding up the universe’ By Jennifer Niven. This book yes is once again a YA romance fiction. I think I might have an addiction like Maisy has an addiction to the Lynburn Legacy series which sorry Maisy I still have not finished (runs into a corner and puts box over her head to hide from Maisy) This book is an amazing book because it deals with the problems which many people face in society such as fat shaming, bullying and peer pressure. The storyline was nothing I have ever read before and I loved that, it was so unusual but so intriguing. I felt deep compassion for both characters although some of the things Jack did was ‘dickish’ however he did have a reason (one of the main characters) I absolutely adore Jacks brother

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Us (aged 6)

Dusty, he is the definition of adorable. His innocence is so pure and you need more people like Dusty in the world.

Well, that is the cake book tag finished and wow I can blab on so congrats to those who have reached the bottom of this tag. If I had a gold star I would give you one but sadly I don’t have any so instead I hope you are having the most amazing day!

Keep reading,
yours sincerely Anna 🙂

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