The Sunshine Blogger Award

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Hi guys,

AHHHHHH!!!!! I feel like that was the only appropriate way to start this… that and THANK YOU TWINSIE (aka AlexandraReads) FOR NOMINATING ME FOR THIS!!
I started this blog expecting to give it up after a month because of some mean internet comments but it is such a lovely community and everyone is always so nice and I have met one of my best friends because of it so I owe it a lot. You totally need to check out my midget nominator who I love dearly – HERE! She makes me smile every day and I can’t remember my rainy life without her ❤

Anyway, I will stop gushing over my friend and get on with it!

The Rules:

Thank the blogger who nominated you in your blog post and link back to their blog.
Answer 11 questions that the Blogger asked you.
Nominate 11 new bloggers to receive the awards and write them 11 questions.
List the rules and display the Sunshine blogger award logo in your post on your blog.

1.Kiss, marry, kill: The main characters of the last three fiction books you read –

This was surprisingly easy – guess I just got lucky.
Kiss: Bryce Colton from Blackmail Boyfriend by Chris Cannon
Marry: Cole Turner from One Night With Hemsworth by Eden Finley
Kill: Coralie Cabot from Masters for Hire by Ginger Voight
2.A book that makes you want to hit your head against a wall –

Betrayed (House of Night #2) by PC and Kristen Cast…Another very very very very easy one. I have ranted about this multiple times in summary I hated it – A LOT 😀
3.3 Books that you would replace your friends with –

Meaning friends in general or am I replacing three best friends with books?
If it is the first then: Oblivion by Jenifer L.Armentrout
Scars and Songs by Christine Zolendz
Unmade by Sarah Rees Brennan

If it is the second then I would replace: Anna with Falling Fast by Sophie McKenzie
Cara with the Lake by Annalisa Grant
Allie with Easy by Tammara Webber

4.You’ve been sent to hell you only have the chance to offer one book to Satan to get out of hell, what is it? –

Great question! I have three options here;
I give him a book I hate so that I am rid of it: House of Night!! BURN IT!
I give him a book I love and hope he sees it as a sacrifice: Lyburn Legacy series – who knows he might relate to Jared on an emotional level?
I give him a book I think he would like and he falls in love with it so much he lets me go?: The Hunger Games, there’s extreme death and overlordship of communities…sounds just up his street.
5.A book that represents each season of the year –

Spring: Falling Fast (Read it in Spring so reminds me of it)
Summer: Alex Approximately (Set in Summer)
Autumn: The Lake Series (Set in Autumn…I’m pretty sure)
Winter: Girl Online (Set at Christmas)
6.Fav bookish trope –

Love triangles, best friends brother or vice versa – all of the romance, cheesy, cliche, overused tropes that make my heart explode in joy.
7.A book problem you have but others don’t understand –

My bookshelf!! Noone else seems to be as obsessed with the neatness and order of it as I am. They have to be in alphabetical order by authors surname then by series/book title also alphabetical. They all have to be vertical – no horizontal madness messing with my mojo. No series split up over different shelves or bookshelves either!! All paperback or hardback series, no mix and matching – this ain’t no pick and mix!
Yeah…I am fully aware I’m odd.
8.Fav thing to drink/ eat when reading –

This is Blasphemy!!! Reading and eating/drinking??? how? Maybe I just can’t multitask and am super clumsy but all my books would be destroyed and my kindle broken because of water damage and it would be a shambles…
9.A movie/show to book adaption that you love and another one that you hate –

I have never seen a movie to book adaptation so I think she means the otehr way round…

I love Shadowhunters adapted from the mortal instruments.
I hated Fallen adapted from its namesake, just wasn’t done right.
ON ANOTHER NOTE THOUGH! I read that Jenifer L. Armentrout’s Lux series is being made into a film…(might not happen or whatever but as of this current moment it is in the process of being worked out maybe) If it is done then OMG I EXPLODE – IT BETTER BE DONE RIGHT!!
10.You have been sucked into the worst possible scene in the last book you read, what do you do? –

It was Blackmail Boyfriend by Chris Cannon and there was not really any life or death situations…but being kicked from your house because of rumours your pregnant is pretty bad so I will go with that and I think in that instance I would give the girl that started the rumour a thorough slapping and then cuddle Bryce and puppies until my parents let me home again.
11. Fav diverse book and why? –

I don’t think I have read a diverse book? And if I have, it wasn’t made a feature of the book it was just there and not acknowledged. And I think I like that more because as much as diversity is obviously important I don’t believe it should be put in because a book wanted diversity or because they thought this book needed diversity. I like books to feel natural and I don’t want every line I read from the character to have their race or sexual orientation or whatever it may be slammed down my throat. Does that make sense? I want diversity because it’s a part of life not because it has to have it?

Edit: I have – Kami Glass in The Lyburn Legacy series is of Asian descent (I am sorry if I use incorrect terms – I genuinely don’t know anything about this kind of thing and I totally need to learn it) but it was well written in as it was a feature of Kami’s but it was not something emphasised or overused – it was just something about her like any other character. I really feel like I am not getting myself across properly here so I am sorry if you feel like I am not for diversity in books because that is totally not what I am saying.
My Questions:

1. Your favourite book character needs your help with something, who is it and what do they need help with?
2. What was your favourite post you’ve done and why?
3. Last book to make you cry?
4. Favourite quote (bookish or otherwise)
5. What’s the story behind the name of your blog?
6. Stealing Allie’s XD – Favourite Bookish Trope?
7. Friend, Family Member or person who brings you the most sunshine?
8. Favourite season and why?
9. Top 3 Disney films?
10. Top 3 Music Genres?
11. The last three emoji’s you used?
I Tag:
You all bring a little bit of sunshine into my days, thanks for making me feel welcome. (P.S I would totally tag you back Allie if that was a thing – love you twinsie <3)

Jess Writes
Perpetual Fangirl
O.D. Book Reviews
Thrifty Bibliophile

That’s all guys, until tomorrow – I am totally on a roll with these daily posts!!

Thanks and Happy Reading,

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    1. Love you too honey, forever in my best friends list ❤ i don’t mind you coming over to Scotland to hit me – it’s eating with anna and leaving me out i don’t like 😂😂

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