The Sight of Demons Review


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Happy Friday! I am extra giddy today because prom was last night (tomorrow when I am writing this) and am so excited it’s unbelievable. This review was kindly sent to me by the author, Darin C. Brown. I just want to thank him again for sending it to me and for putting up with me taking forever to review this because exams suck. So thank you again. Enough said, on with the reviewing.

Title: The Sight of Demons (Master of Perceptions #1)
Author: Darin C. BrownThe Sight of Demons.PNG
Genre: Supernatural, Paranormal, Sci-Fi
Published: October 2017
Pages: 270
Plot Summary: Hunter Miller sees demons. The terrifying shadows engulf him and everyone he knows—yet nobody else notices their presence.
Hunter can’t escape them, so he sets out to understand them. Why do they follow him? What are they trying to tell him?
In this first instalment of the Master of Perceptions series, pre-teen Hunter discovers that every sensation the demons produce—whether it be sight, sound, texture, flavour, or smell—has a different meaning, and that by breaking this code, he just might be able to harness their power.

This is not the usual type of book that I read but I wanted to start reading a wider variety so I thought I would go for it. I think maybe it took me longer to read because I wasn’t taken in by it straight away but it’s nothing against the book itself and more my reading habits and interests. It was an intriguing plot and a very interesting idea that was explored fully throughout that I enjoyed. Despite it being written from a ten-year-olds POV it was very obviously written by an adult (although I adored the writing) it did make me feel less immersed into the story because I was very aware of how it didn’t quite seem to fit.

Writing Style: My favourite part of this book was probably his writing. It was extremely well balanced, and although at the start it took me a while to get into the flow of his writing style and understood the jumps between realities I enjoyed it more. It was very well paced and quite similar to my own writing style in the way that it is more flowery than straight to the point.

Characters/Relationships: The plot was very much about understanding and exploration for the main character which I enjoyed and I also felt so much pain for the MC and his struggles. I also hadn’t read a book with an autistic MC before which I also loved. While I sympathised with Hunter, I didn’t have as strong a connection to him as I do with other characters because I can’t relate to what he is going through on any level – this made me struggle to really enjoy the book because I feel that characters are a foundation to a story that everything else revolves around – if you can’t have a connection with the characters then everything else doesn’t fall into place as nicely.

I enjoyed this book overall, but as I say it wasn’t as much for me as other books because there wasn’t a romance (which is my book kryptonite) and because it was different to what I am used to but again that is on me and not the book itself so I do suggest that if you are interested in the blurb you should get it because it is very true to what I expected and I did enjoy the writing. Overall, thank you again for giving me the book to review and I hope to read more from you soon in order to continue the story.

Thanks and Happy Reading,

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