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How are we all doing? I’m good thanks for asking (or not asking, but you know.) This book was kindly sent to me by YA Bound Book Tours so thank you very much for that because, review spoiler I really liked this book! So I may as well just get straight into it because that’s why you are here, not to hear me ramble.

Memory Walker (Inflexaen #1)
Author: Carly Marino
Genre: YA Paranormal RomanceIMG_6404.jpeg
Release Date: May 18th 2018
Publisher: Evernight Teen
Pages: 272

Summary: Imagine having the ability to walk in a person’s memory at the slightest touch of their skin.
Highschool rumours are the worst. In fact, highschool’s the worst. Especially for the school freak who has to avoid human contact.
Freshman year, seventeen-year-old Thea Scott developed the suckiest burden ever. At the brief touch of a person’s skin, she’s forced to walk in their memories. She’d give anything to get rid of this ability—one she can’t control. Well, until the first day of senior year when breathtakingly gorgeous Cole Conway strolls through the auditorium doors and she faints, making an utter fool of herself, again. He acts like he knows her secret, and the last thing she wants is to end up in a lab with her brain in a jar. To protect herself, she decides to do the very thing she runs from, use her ability to enter his memories.
What she didn’t expect to find: out-of-this-world beings who have to “borrow” life essence from humans to survive. Cole unveils dangers she never imagined existed and turns out her own past is her greatest fear. The deeper she falls, the more turmoil and heartbreak crash into her. Dreams of fitting in soon dissolve, and she realizes it was way easier being just a high school freak.

I loved this as a plot and when I read it I knew I just had to read it! It’s totally my typical read and it completely fulfilled my expectations. Plus have you seen the cover! It’s to die for!! Anyway, the blurb is a really good representation of what the plot encompasses. While the premise I have read similar things nothing was like this, the backstory and the evolution of the plot and characters were incredible and made this stand out from the rest of the memory/dream related Fantasy and Sci-Fi. I’m not going to lie, there were definitely times where I was mildly confused by the amount of plot/information I was expected to take in:

“The chapter where you were bombarded with all the information, despite it being quite obvious already was a little much to take in.” – 69%

“It did feel like a lot squished into a small space of book but at the same time not an overload of information. quite realistic in the way the character jumps from realisation to realisation.” – 100%

~ my opinions during my progress reports on Goodreads

but despite that, I still really enjoyed this. There is something that stops me from fully loving it to the stage of extreme squeals and heartache but it can’t put my finger on it (I know very helpful of me) maybe I just didn’t connect with the character? She was mildly annoying but only to the extent that a female protagonist normal is in these types of romance fuelled storylines.

Writing Style: This was Carly Marino’s debut novel and I loved her writing style. It was very true to the age/ thinking of a teenager (at least the way I think) and as I have already said in my progress reviews I thought the way she wrote the logic jumps were very realistic and sensible, unlike other YA books that seem farcical. It was relatively to the point in terms of flowery-ness although it was very descriptive of her surroundings and such which I enjoyed because that tends to be the style of writing I lean towards both reading and writing myself. Overall, the writing was incredible and I really enjoyed it.

Characters/Relationships: As I said I liked the main character and her motivations. She was authentic and believable and I found myself rooting for her and Cole even when they both did dumb things in aid of furthering the plot. Their relationship while predictable seemed quite out of the blue, I know it was because of other things to do with other stuff Blah, blah, blah etc (Keeping it spoiler-free here! 😉 ) but it made their relationship feel not forced but more unorthodox/odd.
I really liked Nora, Drake and Logan. They all helped to further the plot while also bringing me joy and happiness to discover each of their hidden and individual traits and backstories.
I also liked Wynter and Ethan for a similar reason only you don’t see as much of them and therefore their developed less but hopefully, it will develop more as the series continues which I am excited to read!

All Progress Reviews:

June 17, 2018 – 100.0% “was that a cliffhanger? kinda, not really but also yes.
it did feel like a lot squished into a small space of book but at the same time not an overload of information. quite realistic in the way the character jumps from realisation to realisation.
and the romance 👌❤
Great book!”
June 14, 2018 –  69.0% “so good!! the chapter where you were bombarded with all the information, despite it being quite obvious already was a little much to take in. and my heart just broke when she couldn’t speak up but it just means the eventual reunion will be all the much sweeter!”
June 14, 2018 – 51.0% “Now things are heating up, i could tell from the start that cole was the love interest but the homecoming thing just took things to a whole new level of heart-melting greatness. i think I’ve found what i was missing.”
June 14, 2018 – 24.0% “currently i am enjoying it hut its early doors. i don’t know why but i feel as if something is missing maybe it will appear in time but something is stopping me from feeling WOW about this book despair it being everything i normally love.”


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I love writing and reading about love. There’s nothing better than two characters finding each other in unusual situations and conquering all odds to be together. *Sigh* Regardless the genre – paranormal, contemporary, fantasy – if there’s romance—I wanna read it!
I was born in Hawai’i but grew up most of my life in the sticks of Michigan and the sunny beaches of Florida. After graduating high school, I return to my island ohana for college where I wrote my thesis on how to write a young adult book. (Oddly enough)
Wife, mother, dog owner, and author, my hat constantly changes but I love every minute of the hustle. Writing is my passion and the wonderful nagging voice in my head. I’m blessed to have amazing family and friends who’ve supported me from my first story, written in poor phonics and elementary chicken scratch.

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Overall I rate this 4.5 Stars out of 5 because it was great, not much I can fault it with other than the mildly confusing at times plot overexposure (if that’s a thing) and it made me happy to read it and see the development of the characters and plot – again ticking many boxes! This was a great debut novel and I can’t wait to read whatever Carly Marino come out with next.

Thanks and Happy Reading,


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