My Top 5 Saddest Book Deaths – SPOILERS

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How are you all? I’m currently feeling pretty happy because I’m on holiday and I don’t care that it’s a Monday. I have been promising this post for ages now and have only now got round to it because I need a relatively short post to do because it is currently boiling here in the UK and I can barely touch my keyboard its absorbed so much of the heat despite me sitting in front of a fan.

 (The lynburn Legacy Series by Sarah Rees Brennan,
The Fallen Star Series by Jessica Sorenson,
the Lux Series by Jenifer L. Armentrout,
the Lake Series by AnnaLisa Grant
and the Flynn Series by Sophie McKenzie)

These are all the deaths that hit me the most. Made me bawl my eyes out, scream, kick and whine for weeks/month/years after they were written. Even now I am getting mad about it even just thinking of these characters. I haven’t given details of how they die per-say because I am trying to limit the spoilers but I have said in which book so…its an odd system but I’ve done it now so yeah. This is in no particular order because I love them all so much and I can’t believe they are gone…ughhhhh. And sorry for the shouting but I had to make it clear XD.


Spoilers Start Now:









1. Rusty in Unmade (the Lynburn Legacy Series #3) by Sarah Rees Brennan:

Of all the books I have ever read this is the series that I cried the most at, throughout and on many occasions I was brought to tears by the characters and what they were put up against. This may have been why it was my favourtie book series of all time last year and of all time (as of just now). A lot of this love and tears was down to Rusty. I loved Rusty from the moment I met him in the first book. All my friends know this, he hadn’t even said anything and I had already fallen hook line and sinker for him. His use of pet names, his odd humour and his unwavering loyalty to both Kami and his sister Angela made me love him so much more than any of the other characters in this book and on this list…I mean I know I said it was in no order but Rusty is literally my favourite book character of all time so it’s a no-brainer. He had literally the most incredible and selfless death. He did it for his family and that made it so much more painful. I had to stop reading, go cry and then pick the book back up the next day only to read one line and continue crying. I have never cried so much at a book as I have at this character death. The meaning of his death to the other characters and what he then represents makes his death and funeral so much sadder and I can’t even handle it, thinking of it now.
R.I.P Rusty, you will always be my favourite.

2.Nicholas in The Vision (the Fallen Star Series #3) by Jessica Sorenson:

I have done a whole post on Nicholas because I loved him so much and while this opinion is unpopular I think we must mourn his oddness and adorably misplaced actions that lead to people wrongfully demonising him. He literally has my humour so I loved him already, also the fact I read this book after my friend Cara and she had told me that I was going to hate him so I was waiting to meet him expecting hate but only love and obsession followed. For a character with so much life and humour and energy, his death was unordinarily mundane in a book where nothing was. This made it so much worse to deal with because he escaped all the nonsense of this mystical world only to die like he did, I cried while reading but not to the extent where I had to stop reading. This is kind of a cheat one because he kind of comes back as a ghost to help at a later date but he died for a period of time and I was without him so it counts to me.

3.Blake in Opal (the Lux Series #3) by Jenifer L. Armentrout:

I have ranted about this character one thousand times over because again, similarly to Nicholas I think he was wrongfully painted as the bad guy, yes he did evil things but it’s Blake, you forgive him because it’s him. Or at least I did. AND HIS DEATH….OMG, NO WORDS. HIS MURDERER…OMG, NO WORDS. MY REACTION…OMG, NO WORDS. I genuinly sat and stared at the screen (I read it on my phone) flabergasted and shocked and in disbelif. I thought there would be some Luxen magic and that he would come back into my life but…my prayers were not answered and Blake is gone forever.

4.Will in The Lake (the Lake Series #1) by Annalisa Grant:

This one again, is a little bit of a cheat because he only fakes his death but my reaction to his death was real and once again that’s what counts. I loved Will throughout the book and I felt for the situatation he was stuck in and then when the news of his death came in, I believed it straight away. I don’t know why I did when I don’t tend to in these book situatuons. Maybe it was because of this series that I don’t believe that a character is really dead but I don’t remember crying I just remember hurting. Like a pain inside where my heart used to be and I felt for Layla so much, even more because of who she had already lost. For me this was a diffrent kind of death, it wasn’t crying it was more anger and then when he came back! AHHHH I was even more angry!! BUT THEN I REALISED HE WAS ALIVE AND I FORGOT ALL MY ANGER AND JUST HUGGED MY PHONE OUT OF PURE JOY.

5.Flynn in Defy the Stars (the Flynn Series #4) by Sophie McKenzie:

The final death on this list that killed me so much was Flynn in the Flynn series. Maybe it hurt me so much because it was really the first series that I fell in love with. When I read it the first three books were already out and I had to wait 8 months before the 4th was realeased at Christmas time. So already my emotions are stretched to the max because I’m not patient. Then there was multipul times over the whole series where Flynn has disappeared and/or got into deathish situations. So I was again used to him poping back up again being like yo River I’m all good! Until he wasn’t. As I have said maybe this one hit me more because it was also my first real book death, a death where I was so invested in the characters I had stuck with a series even after I didn’t have to read it so for him to die and at the last minute. They were so close to the freedom and escape they wanted and they missed it. I think the thing that killed me the most about his death was not only the way it was written but the way the after-death was dealt with. River had a chapter from when she was older, looking back on it and their relationship and that almost made me cry more. That makes me cry now, thinking of it – not the death itself but the after-death and her actions because of it.


So that is all for my “Short” post on my top 5 character deaths. If you liked this, I have a few more I could add if you want and I could do a part two. I need to go eat my weight in chocolate, grab some tissues and cry over a cheesy rom-com because my heart has just been rebroken all over again and I need to reheal my wounds. I hope you have a tear-free week.

Thanks and Happy Reading,




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    1. I was crying while i wrote the post because i feel the pain of the deaths. I am unsure whether they were all written so well or whether i am gist a crier 😂 either way they were brilliant in a beautifully sad way.

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