Wednesday's Word of the Week: Ubiquitous Meaning: Ever-present Examples: everywhere, omnipresent Where I Heard It: I was searching through one of my old highschool jotters and found a self-made glossary of some of my favourite words at the back, which I had completely forgotten existed. So expect the next few of these posts to also come from this … Continue reading Ubiquitous


January Wrap Up

Hiya, How are you all? I can't believe that's the first month of the year over already!! I only have a few months left and then my first year of uni will be over, which is insane to me! I started the year off well by making a great dent in both my overall yearly … Continue reading January Wrap Up


Wednesday's Word of the Week: Argosies Meaning: A small group of ships Examples: Fleet Where I Heard It: This was another classic word of the day from my thesaurus app. Pronunciation: Are- go-seas