Interview with Shelly Crane


Today’s post is an interview with another incredible author – Shelly Crane, author of the Devour Series, which I read a couple of months prior to starting my blog almost two years ago. I really loved reading them at the time and I’m sure if I read them now I would have no gripes. Here is the short review of the First book I wrote on Goodreads at the time:
  Another incredible book. I am really on a good streak with good books recently! I have already bought the second in the series. This series had me with the first few lines. I love Clara and Eli’s relationship; his protectiveness and their banter. It was perfectly timed not rushed or too slow. I loved her writing style. it wasn’t a predictable plot and neither were the characters. When it came to Eli telling Clara I had no idea what supernatural being he was, it was refreshing for everything to be exciting and no obvious.
I read this book in just under a day and I thoroughly recommend it if you’re a fan of supernatural YA. Overall I rate this 5 stars because it was incredible, I have no gripes about it. A good read after a long day.

As you can see, I loved it, and I loved Shelly just as much. Another giant thank you to her for answering my questions and being so nice. Hope you enjoy.

Firstly, can you tell us a little about yourself and how you started writing? 

I’m a wife and mom. I started reading a lot when my husband was working overtime and it just grew from there. I read like crazy, but a lot of the books seemed to be kind of alike, so I decided to write a new story, one that had everything I was looking for in books.

Out of all your books what was your favourite to write and why?

Well, Wide Open is my favourite book of mine. But it wasn’t my favourite to write 🙂 It was hard. The most fun to write was probably Significance. It flowed so fast and easy, I wrote the entire 150k book in two weeks.

Who is your favourite character you’ve written and why?

Probably Merrick, from my first book, Collide. And that’s why, too, because he was my first book boy. He was everything I wanted and probably a little too perfect, but I still miss writing him.

How do you keep/get inspired when starting something new or are having writer’s block?

Writer’s block hasn’t been much of an issue for me. My mind wants to write, it’s just the rest of me that needs to keep up. I have notebooks full of notes and book ideas, I just can’t write them fast enough. So I have to pick and choose when I write a new book from the ideas. My mind is always going, always thinking about what could be in a book, so even if I’m not writing, I’m still writing down notes, etc. It’s always on my mind.

I love Enoch from your Devour Series and have a couple questions about him: Why and where did the name Enoch come from (I have never heard it before but I completely love it!)

Eli and Enoch are actually immortal brothers in the Bible. And an old musical my Granny loved when I was a kid, Carousel, has a character named Enoch. I have always loved that name.

How did you decide the concept of what a Devourer is? 

I enjoy writing monsters that aren’t invented or aren’t named already. I like to make my own monsters. So, Devourers are a kind that “eat” or live off other’s negative emotions. The thought that he would feel something positive for the first time with her sounded like the possibility to be a sweet love story.

What is your favourite:
food? Alfredo
movie? Ever After
book other than your own? Travis Family series by Lisa Kleypass

As someone who has just recently left high school myself, what was your favourite subject when you were my age?

I loved English because I was good at it, and I LOATHED school 🙂 I also loved History. It interests me but I just can’t remember dates and names well.

Who would you say was your biggest writing (and non-writing) inspiration as a child?

Writing inspiration would have to be my grandmother, who passed away last year. She was a school librarian and taught me many things.

I am a musical fanatic like yourself, who would you say is your favourite band?

If I can only pick one, I’d have to say Snow Patrol. Or Barns Courtney. Or House of Heroes. That’s not just one. Sorry.

If you could say anything to your younger self what would it be?

To enjoy it. Things weren’t so bad, they can always get worse, and I wish I’d spent more time enjoying my life instead of wondering and worrying about not enjoying my life.

Are you working on anything right now?

The next book in the SIGNIFICANCE series, UNDENIABLY FATED, is what I’m working on now. And a little bit on a side project called THE BROKEN BITS. No release dates, but soon!

And finally, can you please tell readers how best to contact you?

I hang out the most on Instagram, probably, but any of my social media’s you can find me on!





That’s all guys 🙂
I just want to say thanks again for letting me ask my questions and for being so sweet.
I do really recommend the Devour Series, and talking to you has made me want to dip back into your writing so I might have to do a re-read soon! I know I haven’t reviewed it here on my blog, so if you would like that drop me a comment and I am happy to oblige!

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