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Today I thought I would do a character profile on a character that I loved from my favourite book series of all time: Kami Glass from the Lynburn Legacy Series by Sarah Rees Brennan. I have a full review of the series HERE. And HERE is a link to Goodreads. She wasn’t my favourite character, but she’s tied a close second with Jared after losing to Rusty. She has some of the funniest lines I have ever read in a YA romantic fantasy. But anyway, I will get right into it now! Enjoy 🙂

Name: Kami Glass
Nicknames: I swear she has multiple in the Third book but I CAN’T FIND ANY!! Only the ones she says to other people. But I swear they are along the lines of sweet-heart and dear etc.
Age: 17

Appearance: Her hair is black, with a shot of brown. She has freckles and pale gold skin. Her eyes are brown. She has a Japanese grandmother but both her parents were born in England, so she describes her physical appearance as a mix of both.
Personality: This is how Sarah Rees Brennan’s website described her:
“She doesn’t care that the whole town thinks she’s a weirdo. She’s fine, and she’s just got exactly what she wants: permission to start a school newspaper. But her first investigation may land her in more trouble than even she can handle, and she’s about to get something she never dreamed of: her imaginary friend is going to turn out to be a real boy.” 

I would describe her as Sarcastic, bold, creative, truth-hungry, determined, curious. You get the picture. Everything to make a great magical mystery solver.

Celebrity Look-alike (In my mind): Kristin Kreuk, who I know from the US TV show Beauty and the Beast – which she was incredible in. But anyway, that’s kind of how I imagine her, only as a teenager…
Why I Love Her: I love her because she is so determined, she isn’t afraid to speak her mind and fight for what she knows is right, even when so many people aren’t willing to fight for themselves. Did I mention I think she’s hilarious? Like everything she says had me in fits…okay maybe not everything but a lot of things. She knows she’s weird but she’s okay with it. She embraces it and lovers herself for it – which is a great role model for anyone to follow. I also like her because she likes writing and I relate to her for that. There are so many reasons I love her it’s hard to pinpoint a few.

This is the image for her given on Sarah Rees Brenan’s Website: HERE

Favourite Quotes of Hers:
I tried to limit myself to 5 quotes per book because otherwise, this post would be a decade long, it was tough but I managed..just.

– “Technically speaking, you drive like a rabid chicken who has hijacked a tractor.”

– One of the lambs fixed its attention on Jared. “Baa,” it flirted. “Boo,” said Jared. “Oh my God, Jared. Don’t tough-talk the lambs.” “It was giving me a funny look,” Jared claimed,

– then picked up a chocolate chip cookie from the floor. “Don’t eat that,” Mum said. Kami bit in. “Mmm, floor cookie.”

– Jared Lynburn may be, in this reporter’s completely unbiased opinion, the most infuriating idiot in the land, but he was not responsible for this.

– “Been chatting much with Jared?”
“We often have special moments where I come into a room and he immediately leaves,” Kami said.
“I treasure those times.”

– “I mean, you’re going into a situation where something really bad might be happening, and you’ve decided to make sure they can hear you coming? Better hope being a tavern wench works out, because you, sir, will never be a ninja.”

– “Who was it?” Jared asked.
“I’ll kill them.”
“You are not inspiring me with a desire to give you a name, Captain Murderface of the good ship Unbalanced,”

– “You’re like a honey badger.”
“I’m like a what?” Jared started to laugh.
“No, I’m not. That’s ridiculous.”
“Honey badgers are badass,” Kami argued.
“The honey badger is the most hardcore of all the animals. They break into beehives and they get stung all over. Not because they have to. Just because they think bees are super tasty. Also they have been known to bite the heads off puff adders, collapse from the venom, and wake up from their comas going ‘Hey there, delicious snake.’ That’s how honey badgers roll.”
“ ‘Honey badger’ is not a badass name,” Jared pointed out.
“ ‘Death ray badger’ is a badass name.”

– Lucky for you, I have another scheme. First I need a hundred ducks, but after that it will all be pretty simple.
What do you need the ducks for?
I’m going to put a whole bunch of them in a giant catapult and launch them over Aurimere, Kami said. This will create a distraction. My message will be: Look at all the ducks I give.

– “I promise you, Holly, ‘Subtle’ would be my middle name, except I’m too subtle to have a middle name that’s such a giveaway. You don’t have to worry about a thing.”

– “Hi there, dream canoe,”

– “Good luck with your horrifying blood-and-knives spell, pumpkin blossom,” Kami said,

– “You said that death means people are changed but not lost,” Kami said. “Here’s something that won’t change. You will always be my favourite person in the world.”

I thought I’d end on a cute quote because most of them are humorous… at least to me. They are so random and obscure that they are brilliant. She is brilliant. I want to do one of these but for Jared, because while searching for quotes I found some great ones for him! So if you want that just tell me. Anyway, that’s all for today. I hope you have a great weekend and I will see you again tomorrow…unless I scared you away by showing you how random my humour is.

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