Book Spine Poetry #2


Sorry, today’s post is a little later than usual, writing poetry out of book spines takes longer than anticipated. I did this post roughly one year ago now and adored doing it, it was a nice challenge. You can find that one HERE. I found this when I was in need of an idea for a post and stumbled onto this post by Vivatramp. For anyone who didn’t see my last attempt here rules (plus one new one):


  1. You pick out some books from your bookshelf and turn the titles into a piece of poetry.
  2. You can add punctuation, but no words.
  3. You cannot use any books you have used before
  4. List the books and their authors that you used.

Like I said last time, it is far harder than you would first assume. Especially since I couldn’t use any of the books I had used before because I used quite a few of the good ones. It’s situations like this that I am happy I am constantly buying books. XD.


Summer Days and Summer Nights

The Sun In Her Eyes, Burning Bright,
This Raging Light.
Split Second,
Summer Shadows, Casting Shadows.

The Stars Never Rise.
Midnight Sun, Blue Moon.
Beautiful Darkness Linger Everless.
Hunted Night Owls All Fall Down.

Seperator (1)

The Books I Used:

Title: Summer Days and Summer Nights by Stephanie Perkins

The Sun In Her Eyes by Paige Toon
Burning Bright by Sophie McKenzie
This Raging Light by Estelle Loure
Split Second by Sophie McKenzie
Summer Shadows by Joss Stirling
Casting Shadows by Sophie McKenzie
The Stars Never Rise by Rachel Vincent
Midnight Sun by Trish Cook
Blue Moon by Alyson Noel
Beautiful Darkness by Garcia and Stole
Linger by Maggie Stiefvater
Everless by Sara Holland
Hunted by P.C and Kristen Cast
Night Owls by Jenn Bennett
All Fall Down by Ally Carter

I don’t quite know what the poem means, but it makes grammatical sense and sounds nice when read aloud. Therefore I am calling this a win. I love doing these and I hope to do it again next year! See you tomorrow 🙂

Thanks and Happy Reading,

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