Cinquain’s from my Childhood


I thought for today’s post, I would stick with the poetry theme of yesterday and upload some poems that 10 year old me wrote in school. They were Cinquain’s, which is a type of poem I didn’t know existed until rereading these 😂 so incase an of you are like me and have no clue what they are, here is the definition I wrote as a kid:

A Cinquain is a poem that inly has 5 lines. It doesn’t rhyme, however it follows a pattern. It goes 2 syllables then 4, then 6, then 8, and back to 2 again. 

I either didn’t understand the concept of a syllable or I optionally chose to just not follow the scheme but whatever it was the following Cinquain’s you will be reading are not Cinquain’s. I found the three I submitted for class. The first is pretty mundane, the second is oddly disturbing but my favourite is Scotland because it is so bad. Please enjoy 🙂


Softly descending,
Snowflakes, delicate and unique
whiter than white, a powdery blur.
Baltic winds filling the air, gliding down, gone.
All gone. 

The Wildcat

Sniffing, finding,
hoping for their tea.
Their prey just outwith their sights.


Highland cows,
Irn-Bru and
tartan bagpipers too.
Thistles blowing in Scottish winds,
Robert Burns.

So that’s all for today’s post. Sorry it’s short, but when I found these I knew I had to post them because they were so funny to me and makes me proud to see how much my writing has come on over the years because these are painfully bad. Anyway, I will see you tomorrow for a top 5 post. See ya later 🙂

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