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If you didn’t know I am a huge Taylor Swift fan…pre-pop. Her country stuff is incredible! Fearless is one of my all time favourite albums. I don’t really like any of her new music, but the old stuff I could listen on repeat forever. Like if I could only ever listen to one album again, Fearless is a real contender.
AnYwAyS… when I saw Sara @ The Bibliophagist do this I knew I just had to do it! She had some great answers so you should definitely check hers out.
Let’s Jump Then Fall!

  • Link back to the creator (Olivia) She prefers OG Taylor too!! Points for #TeamCountryTaylorSwift!
  • Answer as many or as few of the questions as you’d like.
  • Feel free to use any of the graphics in this post. (They are so pretty <3)
  • Tag however many people you’d like at the end!

Defy the Stars (Flynn #4) by Sophie McKenzie totally takes this one. The whole series was an emotional roller coaster and I’ve read many a heart-shattering book before, but nothing has made me sob so profusely as this did.
I don’t know whether it was because I was young or because it was one of the first books that had an ending like that, which I read which made it so hard. I have such vivid memories of reading the last few pages wishing my heart could be glued back together with hope…
It’s an incredible book. You need to read the series.

{ Listen to:You’re Not Sorry}

Maus by Art Spiegelman. I read this graphic novel for my degree this year and my lord was it hard hitting. It was so incredible. It’s a true account of his father’s life during the Holocaust and WW2. It left me thinking on it for weeks and weeks after reading it. I am still shocked thinking back. The fact it’s a graphic novel only makes it more impact.

{ Listen to: Back to December}

Wow…so many choices. Um…but if I had to pick one to be made ASAP as a standalone movie it would be A Bad Boy Stole My Bra by Lauren Price. It would be such a cute uplifting movie with cute romance and hilarious laughs. I would watch that in a Heartbeat.

{ Listen to: If This Was a Movie}

This is tough because there are so many cute covers in YA, but one stands out for me… Memory Walker (Inflexaen #1) by Carly Mario. I was sent this in return for an honest review a while back and spent a wee bit too much time fussing over how gorgeous the cover was. Because I mean…look at it!

{ Listen to: Gorgeous}

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer gets so much hate and yes I can understand it to some extent. Bella is bland but somehow the series has something about it that just holds you suspended in excitement waiting for what comes next. It was a huge step for YA as a genre too so you have to at least give it props for that!

{ Listen to: Shake it Off}

Rainbow Magic Series by Daisy Meadows. I saw an ad for these and remembered all about my collection of these a couple of days ago and OMG I had a lot of them. Not something I would read now a days but I got extreme nostalgia when I thought of them and how much 6 year old me loved them. My three favourites were Scarlett the Garnet Fairy, Thea the Thursday Fairy and Evie the Mist Fairy. Anyone else remember them?

{ Listen to: Never Grow Up}

Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli. I just finished this for the first time and my goodness was it good. I was in love from the first line. I loved the writing style and I love the big issue of conforming to expectations. The characterisation was incredible. It changes the way you view the world. Everyone needs to read this book at least once.

{ Listen to: Sparks Fly }

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin. This doesn’t need any introduction. I don’t know how many times I’ve read this, it never seems to get dull to me. It’s such an incredible classic and I love a good reread.

{ Listen to: Style}

This is so hard to pick because I love love. A book without romance for me is dull and lacklustre. I need the romance. I NEED THE CUTENESS!!! So, to pick my favourite is tough. Hence why I am cheating and saying two. (Plus it wouldn’t be a tag on this blog if I didn’t mention these two series 😉 )
Firstly, Kami and Jared from the Lynburn Legacy Series by Sarah Rees Brennan. They are best friends, no, they are far closer than that. They are so cute and funny together and they help each other through every tough time. They’ve grown up together and now they will grow old together FOREVER!!!
Secondly, Grace and Shane from the Mad World Series by Christine Zolendz. They literally travel lifetimes for each other. Then they fall in love with each other all over again! It is the epitome of adorable. Though this read is a big more than PG13 if you get me.

{ Listen to: End Game}

The Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout. It had me from the start. It was everything I loved and more. I couldn’t put it down and I didn’t want to. I needed to know everything! I was so caught up in parts that I forgot to breath. I forgot time existed…I know that sounds insane but I did. I forgot that the longer I read the later it got and was so confused that it was suddenly 4am and I had to be up for school in 2 hours.
That is the definition of obsessed.

{ Listen to: I Knew You Were Trouble}

I really like Angel by L.A. Weatherly but when it came to reading the sequal Angel Fire it took so long to build up with nothing really happening that I DNFed it and put it to the side. I hate not finishing books, it makes me feel so bad but I just couldn’t push through this one.

{ Listen to: Bad Blood }

I tag anyone who loves Taylor Swift (Old or New) and has even the slightest appreciation for books. It would be a bit hypocritical if I didn’t say anyone could do it when I wasn’t even tagged myself 😂 Enjoy! I had a great time with this tag because I had on Fearless in background and it always puts me in the best mood! The Best Day!

17 thoughts on “The Wonderstruck Book Tag

  1. Yes to Twilight! I am not sure how much I would enjoy it if I read it now but it was such an important part of my reading experience and shaped me as a reader. I am forever thankful to that series for that and even if I am unsure of what I would think now, I will never not say how much I love it.
    I loved Lynburn Legacies when I read it and through some recent tags I have realized how much I forgot about it! However, I remember how much I enjoyed all the interactions and the relationships we got.

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        1. I couldnt decide on a favourite they are all so good!! I think the last one is probably the funniest but also the saddest and yet happiest if thats possible 😂

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            1. Yeah, it seems so trivial when you go back and they are dealing with a newspaper, especially when you know what is to come.
              I also love the second, the mistaken identity make-out is a particular favourite moment 😂

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                1. There are so many great moments 😂 i do that all the time where o forget things about books i love and when i remember them, i fall in love more – even when i didnt think falling in love more was possible 😂

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  2. Thank you so much for doing my tag! (I also love Fearless, though I don’t know if I can pick a favorite album. XD ) I’m with you on Stargirl being amazing. I remember reading it for the first time quite a while ago, and completely adoring it! I should do a reread soon because I think I own it?! Great post💛

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    1. Of Course! It was a great tag, with brilliant questions. You totally should do a reread. If you want we could buddy read it because I NEED more of it already XD

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