Friday Finds #1


How are you? I’m good. Currently writing an essay for my course and it’s so dull so I thought I would give myself a wee break and write a post instead! I saw Ashley from Socially Awkward Bookworm do this and I loved the idea. I believe it was started by MizB at Should Be Reading but I could be wrong.

The basic premise is I tell you about the books I have found on Goodreads and that I’ve added to my ever-growing TBR. I love hunting for new things to read so this is really up my street. You can see I’ve been very hopefully putting a #1 at the end of the title because I hope I do this frequently because that idea seems so cute. I probably won’t be doing it every week but hopefully every so often.Anyway, Let’s Get Started.

Contemporary Romance:

Shuffle, Repeat by Jenn Klein
June wants high school to end and real life to begin. Oliver is soaking up senior year’s glory days. They could have coasted through high school, knowing about—but not really knowing—each other.
Except that their moms have arranged for Oliver to drive June to school. Every. Single. Day.
Suddenly these two opposites are fighting about music, life . . . pretty much everything. But love is unpredictable. When promises—and hearts—get broken, Oliver and June must figure out what really matters. And then fight for it.

Magnolia (Magnolia Branch #1) by Kristi Cook
In Magnolia Branch, Mississippi, the Cafferty and Marsden families are southern royalty. Neighbors since the Civil War, the families have shared vacations, holidays, backyard barbecues, and the overwhelming desire to unite their two clans by marriage. So when a baby boy and girl were born to the families at the same time, the perfect opportunity seemed to have finally arrived. Jemma Cafferty and Ryder Marsden have no intention of giving in to their parents’ wishes. They’re only seventeen, for goodness’ sake, not to mention that one little problem: They hate each other! Jemma can’t stand Ryder’s nauseating golden-boy persona, and Ryder would like nothing better than to pretend stubborn Jemma doesn’t exist. But when a violent storm ravages Magnolia Branch, it unearths Jemma’s and Ryder’s true feelings for each other as the two discover that the line between love and hate may be thin enough to risk crossing over.

Ask Again Later by Liz Czukas
Despite what her name might suggest, Heart has zero interest in complicated romance. So when her brilliant plan to go to prom with a group of friends is disrupted by two surprise invites, Heart knows there’s only one drama-free solution: flip a coin. Heads: The jock. He might spend all night staring at his ex or throw up in the limo, but how bad can her brother’s best friend really be?Tails: The theater geek…with a secret. What could be better than a guy who shares all Heart’s interests–even if he wants to share all his feelings? Heart’s simple coin flip has somehow given her the chance to live out both dates. But where her prom night ends up might be the most surprising thing of all…

Chasing After Infinity by L. Jayne
As quick as a flash, he puts me up against the side of the building. My back hits the wall hard, enough to make my ears ring. His body pushes into mine, trapping me between his hands and the bricks. His breathing is uneven, his light breath stirring my hair. I wait for the eventual kiss, the moment where his lips meet mine hard and rough but he doesn’t do anything. A lump is in my throat. “Either kiss me or let me go,” I choke out. The same old tug of war is still raging and there’s nothing but a storm between us. Ever since her mother’s death, Avena’s heart has become steel—tough, hardened…unbreakable. She refuses to let anything faze her; least of all, the school’s most notorious player, Adrian Huntington, with his jade eyes and aloof, sardonic charm that has all the girls swooning in his wake. When she becomes his next target, everything goes up in flames as they find themselves getting caught up in the game they created.

The Space in Between by Melyssa Winchester
Well here we Senior Year. A year that by definition means I’ll be one of about 300 other kids running my school. Greenville High.
I know what you’re all thinking. “Oh no, here comes the book about the virgin wallflower who the popular guy meets and instantly falls for.” Wrong.
I’m not an ugly duckling that the cool cats use to make themselves look like even bigger jerks, and I’m definitely not a wallflower, though that whole virginal thing, well that’s really none of your business. 
I’m just the girl more interested in taking pictures and playing on her acoustic than getting caught up in the petty drama that four years of high school is guaranteed to create. Until Christian.
I know, I know. It’s always a guy isn’t it? Girl on the fast track to any college she chooses, always seems to get tripped up by the guy. But hear me out! This guy…he’s different.
You see, Christian Cayne isn’t just some guy I almost ran down on my first day here and later fell in love with. I wish it were that simple. It would make what’s gotta happen now easier. Christian is a lot of things to a lot of people since he landed here with his dad at the end of the summer, but in a couple of months, he’s going to have to be one thing only to me. 
My step-brother.


After Eden (Fallen Angels #1) by Katherine Pine
Devi knows she shouldn’t trust the new employee at her favorite used bookstore. Sure, he’s funny, smart and hands down the sexiest guy she’s ever met, but something dark lurks behind his unassuming smile and sinful green eyes. Still, a girl can’t always afford to be picky. When an angel abducts your twin brother it should come as no surprise that the one person who can help you get him back is a demon–and only if you’re willing to pay his price.


Altered (Altered #1) by Jennifer Rush
When you can’t trust yourself, who can you believe?
Everything about Anna’s life is a secret. Her father works for the Branch at the helm of its latest project: monitoring and administering treatments to the four genetically altered boys in the lab below their farmhouse. There’s Nick, Cas, Trev . . . and Sam, who has stolen Anna’s heart. When the Branch decides it’s time to take the boys, Sam stages an escape, killing the agents sent to retrieve them. Anna is torn between following Sam or staying behind in the safety of her everyday life. But her father pushes her to flee, making Sam promise to keep her away from the Branch, at all costs. There’s just one problem. Sam and the boys don’t remember anything before living in the lab—not even their true identities.
Now on the run, Anna soon discovers that she and Sam are connected in more ways than either of them expected. And if they’re both going to survive, they must piece together the clues of their past before the Branch catches up to them and steals it all away.

So, What did you guys think of this idea? See anything you liked? Do you have any other recommendations for me? If so, leave them below 🙂 See you tomorrow.

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