Let’s Get Chatting…#4

Today’s Topic is Cliffhangers.
Let’s get chatting…

Personally I love myself a cliffhanger. But I have noticed that people within the book blogging community hate them. So I thought I would list some of the most common gripes with cliffhangers and then say my opinions. As always, I want you opinions down below. Do you agree with me or am I missing something?

Marketing Ploy:
People claim that it is used as a marketing ploy, so that you pick up and buy
the next instalment when you otherwise wouldn’t have.
This is the one I have the most issues with. I don’t know if this is just me or if it’s because I am part of the blogging community but if I hate/ dislike a book enough I either don’t finish it (hence not getting to the cliffhanger) or if I do make it to the end, no ending could sway my stubborn ass. If I hate the characters, the writing style and plot, no cliffhanger in the world is ever making me pick up that sequal. Maybe it is also because I have a never ending TBR to contend with so if something is even slightly under par, I wouldn’t waste my time continuing the series when I have so many other possibly incredible books to get through.

They’re a cop out:
This is another one I don’t understand the argument of. If they don’t finish it in this book, they are just going to have to finish it in the next one. Maybe it buys the author a couple months at most to come up with a solution for whatever life or death situation the protagonist is in, but they have to deal with it eventually. Therefore making this point null-in-void, in my opinion.

The uncertainty:
This is more TV show/movie related but people get really mad about the fact that a show leaves them on a cliffhanger and then is cancelled by unforeseen circumstances, leaving them never to know. This is probably the biggest complaint I could find on the internet about cliffhangers. Personally, it kills me when my favourite shows are cancelled on a cliffhanger: Star-crossed (2014), The Halcyon (2017), Witches of East End (2013), Timeless (2016), the list goes on and on. But sometimes you have to look on the upside, think of all the shows that did survive and have incredible cliffhangers. It is often those cliffhangers that save shows because the ratings shoot up so people can find out what happened, hence meaning the show lives on. Take out the cliffhangers and how many more shows would be cancelled?

I know there must be areas of this I haven’t touched on because it is such a massive topic, but these were the big three that continually popped up as I googled and researched. I love the drama synonymous with cliffhangers, personally I don’t mind the risk of loosing out on a show. If anything that adds to the drama. But enough about my opinions, what do you guys think? Please tell me below. See you tomorrow ❤

4 thoughts on “Let’s Get Chatting…#4

    1. Thank you so much for inculding me! I am so glad you liked my post ❤ I think this is an incredible idea and it just proves that we are the nicest and most supportive community on the internet, which is why I love book blogging so much. Have a great day 🙂


  1. Interesting discussion. Although I think I understand why people hate cliffhangers, I actually like them. A series would never be able to continue if everything wraps up in book one. There would be nothing left for the characters to go after. I’m not saying there shouldn’t be some wrap up and maybe the main characters are in a better position then they were, but it doesn’t make any sense for every single obstacle to be solved before the end of the book. I also love the thrill that a cliffhanger leaves me with because it helps me remember pieces of the book when the next one releases.

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