Top 5 Books that Deserve a TV/Movie Adaptation

Hi guys,

How are you? I’m really excited because I have the Freshers Ball tonight and I love getting all dolled up for things like this. Plus my migraine has gone so while I am still a little ill, I can at least look at a screen XD.
As you know, I love a good TV/Movie book adaptation and I have done quite a few dream adaptations on my blog before. This top 5 operates on the idea that the adaptations are very well done, maybe not my dream but close to it. And it’s in no particular order. Anyway, let’s hop in.

1. The Lynburn Legacy Series by Sarah Rees Brennan.

I think I would want this as a film trilogy rather than a 3 season TV show. Getting the humour right is crucial. And the visual magic effects, obvs. And accurate actors to play the characters, because for once a YA novel is set in England and I want that represented!

2. The Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout

I don’t know if this was going to be a film and then it was cancelled or what because I feel like I heard something about a movie a while ago. But this needs to be a movie franchise. It is perfect for a movie. I will hold out hope that this will come soon.

3. The Flynn Series by Sophie McKenzie

I think this would make the cutest TV show. 1 season per book. I can imagine it on Disney Channel or the like as it is a younger audience but also not young young. Like 16 year olds. Anyway, this would be perfect as a TV show and I would totally watch! I have a whole Dream Adaptation post dedicated to it HERE!

4. Shut Out by Kody Keplinger

I actually did a whole dream adaptation post on this because I thought it was so perfect for a film. HERE is the full post if you want to see if you agree with me.

5. The Phobos Series by Victor Dixen

I think this would be an incredible TV show because it is written as a TV show. The premise of the book revolves around a TV show and therefore I love the idea of it being a TV show because of the irony. Plus three books into three or four seasons seems good.

Are there any books you think take priority over these? What did you think of my picks? What would your top 5 be? I hope you enjoyed. Sorry it’s shortish again, I am racing to write this before I have to start getting ready to go out in an hour for the ball! I will insert pictures in the next post. See you soon 🙂

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