My Year in Reading 2019

Hi all,

Happy Hogmanay! I hope you’ve all had a good year. I know I have, its been tough but ultimately very rewarding. This year hasn’t been my most proactive reading year by any means, but it has been a great year for hits. I read very few “bad” books, which is always great!

I did a post like this 2 years ago and I thought I should do it again this year as a way of starting off the new year. This is basically just my Goodreads yearly round up but mixed up in order with my thoughts thrown in for fun.

I managed to read my goal of 30 books and a few more, which I know seems very very small, but I had no idea of the workload that Uni would throw my way so I played it by ear. A few of my reads this year were Re-reads of books I adored in previous years, hence why the graphic below only says 37 books were read this year.
My average scoring on Goodreads, which I think is far less accurate than my rating system on my blog reviews because you can only give whole stars, not half stars; but that’s beside the point. This just reaffirms what I said earlier about most of the books I’ve read this year were good.
To be honest, I don’t even remember reading Snow and Mistletoe it was so short haha, I do clearly remember Distortion – I was quite disappointed actually which you can read more about in my review. My average length of novel has gone down significantly this year. In 2017 it was 300 pages. Maybe next year I will start picking up the chunky novels?
I had to read lolita for my course. It was very interesting and I can see why it was popular. I’m very shocked by the lack of people reading Liz Lochhead poetry! I highly recommend her stuff, it’s very fun.
Here’s how I reviewed the books I read this year. I know the pictures are small, but it allows you to see the general split of my book grading.

I made two pie charts this year. The first being of the overarching genre or marketing-imposed age range assigned with each book. And the second being more specific sub-genres. For the later pie chart, it is a percentage of the books in that sub-genre and not a specific number of books because obviously a book is not necessarily just one sub-genre.

So, that’s the end, not just of this post but of the year. I know everyone is saying it’s the end of the decade…but it’s actually not until the end of 2020 that the decade ends – so there’s a fun fact for you all. Whether it’s the end of the day, month, year or decade, I hope you all have a good one and that next year is just as great for you. See you tomorrow folks.

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