My Favourite 2019 Blogging Moments

Hi guys,

This is a long overdue post that I planned to do in January and never did so i’m doing it now. It’s pretty simple, just listing my favourite moments from my blog last year. I saw a few people do this, and I really going over the posts I’ve done in the past so I can see how much I’ve developed over the time. These are in no particular order – Enjoy!

Who Am I? Book Tag
I like this one because I feel like you get to know me more. The posts with personality are always both my favourite to write and to read and I think you guys feel the same.

Wolf by Wolf Review by Ryan Graudin
This was the first review I did with my new star rating system and therefore it’s super super detailed. It’s also one of my favourite reads from last year and reading it over I definitely think you can feel my love for the book through the pages.

My Top 5 Saddest Book Deaths
This might actually be my all time favourite post on my blog. Even reading it back makes me tear up. I remember writing this in a hotel room on holiday and actually sobbing while writing it because the deaths brought back so much emotion. You can definitely tell that when I’m writing cause its jumpy and ramblie and messy and perfect because of that.

Let’s Get Chatting #3
I love this post because I felt like I aired some controversial opinions on YA Romance disappearing from books. I also loved that you guys were so up to discuss things and that everyone was so accepting in the community of all the different views. I always love writing these cause I feel I can really rant and get out all of my thoughts.

What Should I Read Next?
I liked doing this one because it was last minute. I had a headache and just wanted to get out a post so it was quick, but you all got behind me and interacted more with this post than you had on any other. It was so great to hear your feedback on some of my possible reads. I might have to do this again cause I loved reading it back so much!

Paper Cuts
This is special because it was the first time I ever shared any of my personal writing on my blog. It was so nerve-raking for me but finally putting some of my poetry out there rather than it just gathering dust in my documents folder. You guys were all so lovely about it and gave some great criticism which is all I could wish for and more!

That’s all for this post. I hope you liked it. Do you have a favourite kind of post to read or write? I definitely do and I always feel like you can tell if I am enjoying writing something or not, maybe I just notice it though. Anyway, have a good day. See you tomorrow.

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