Character Profile: Haley


Today’s post might be a little short cause I thought I had a post done for today but it turns out I didn’t and I’ve got a ball to go to tonight (I’ll put in some photos in tomorrows post), so I’m a bit pushed for time! I thought I’d pull a post from the past, I’ve not done one of these in AGES! Today’s character is Haley from Technically, You Started It by Lana Wood Johnson (Which I reviewed here) I probably should have picked something else as I dont have the book to confirm so I’m going off memory but oh well. As always leave character suggestions below if you want me to do more of these. I’ll try not ramble anymore, let’s hop right in!

Name: Haley Hancock
Nicknames: none that I remember, but I feel like maybe she does and I’m being dumb.
Age: 18…I’m almost 100% sure on that one.
Appearance: One thing I loved about this book is you never find out what she or Martin look like, it leaves it completely up to your imagination and because the whole thing is told through text messages there’s never a situation where it is needed.
Personality: Nerdy, Geeky, smart, awkward, shy, bookish.

Celebrity Look-alike (In my mind): For me I always pictured someone similar to Emma from Bates Motel. Or Olivia Cooke which is her actual name haha.
Why I Love Her: I loved that she was nerdy and apologetic and smart and then you see her flourish throughout the plot into someone who is still all of those things but also realises her self worth and that she doesn’t have to put up with nonsense. It doesn’t make her bold or confident per say, it just makes her not a push over. Even when her world seems to be crashing around her she powers through it and I just love that. Such a strong character in so many ways. Just incredibly written.

So that’s my summary of Haley. I need to do more of these because you guys always liked them. Sorry it’s so short and vague. I’m off to partayyyy!! See you tomorrow!

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