My Blogging Bullet Journal – March Spread

Hi guys!

I know today’s post is different to most of the bookish posts that I focus on in my lovely little corner of the internet. But I have been loving bullet journalling since the start of the year. While most people’s bullet journals cover every aspect of their lives – from daily planning, to habit tracking etc. But I like having two separate ones, one for that kind of thing and then one for all my bookish things. And for a few months I have been adoring watching bullet journalling videos, mainly Plant Based Bride (who’s spreads are always beyond stunning) and after last weeks bookshelf tour I thought it would be cute to give you guys a tour of my blogging bullet journal.

I am by no means great at this bullet journalling thing but I have been loving it and I actually think it’s been keeping me far more organised, while also making me want to be more productive! I love the BuJo Community, please accept me trying to bridge our worlds hahaha.

So let’s get into this, I’m just going to ramble through my spreads and if you guys have any ideas on how I can improve it or spreads I should add please give me suggestions, cause like I said I’m just getting into this kind of thing. This is my bullet journal. It’s such a pretty Teal colour, and also nice and plain. I bought it on Amazon for £8.99. It’s an A5 Dotted Notebook by Stationary Island. It has 180 pages at 120 gsm. I adore the quality and if your interested in getting into BuJo-ing but you don’t want to fully commit to all of the snazzy equipment that the professionals use. I just use a Black Uni-ball eye pens to write everything (cause they’re my favorite pen to write with), and then my Stabilo pastel highlighters for decorational bits and pieces. Also excuse the bad drawings…I swear I have done better spreads…March is just a bad month for drawing apparently.

This is the first page. It just has all my blogging details, in case I lose it…or maybe cause I feel fancy writing down like it’s important information. On the other side of the page is my key to decipher my notes pages from months past, plus it helps to keep a nice cohesive theme between all of my monthly spreads.

The first spread of this month is just the title page, and it’s very plain and simply but I am still getting into the swing of things and I like it’s simplicity. And it’s adjacent spread it my monthly TBR. I started out with them blank, but then added things to it when I started reading, or if I actually put it on my TBR. I just coloured it depending on my enjoyment so it’s a nice cute visual thing. And it’s a nice way to see how much I actually managed to read in the month.

This next page is clearly a little bit of chaos. It’s my posting schedule on the left…obviously revisions and things have been made throughout the month, but it gives me a rough idea of how many posts I need and when I need them up for. The right page is literally my favourite part about having this journal. It’s like the braindump page of a traditional bullet journal but obviously just focused on bookish things. You can see I’ve been planning on doing this post for ages haha. Without this to keep my thoughts in order I would be such a shambles. I have no idea how I managed to keep things organised before.

This next page is my book purchasing pages, both physical and e-book. And then I have the books I want to buy. Clearly this was a nice month on my bank account cause I didn’t buy anything other than one E-book…which probably wasn’t too expensive. Since the month finished I have bought one from my list of want to buy these. It sounds really good so I hope I like it.

Last page for this month is my monthly wrap up. This is a godsend of a spread because without it I would never remember half the things I have been loving throughout the month. I know all of the spreads are kind of similar, in layout and appearance but for me this is definitely function over fashion.

Anyway, that’s the end of this post. If you liked it and want more I will be happy to do them cause obviously I’m keeping up with it. I totally recommend trying it if you haven’t. It’s such a handy way to keep things organised. Anywho, have a good day guys!

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