Top 5 Couple’s First Encounters

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I had the idea for this book when I was feeling nostalgic the other night and was rereading quotes from books I love. And I stumbled across the first one on this list and was like damn this would be a great post – I’m just going to quote the first few lines of when a couple first meets. Obviously this is a little bit spoilery if you want to entertain the will they won’t they of some couples, but hey I was in the mood to gush about cute couple. All of these aren’t my all time favoruite couples – they are just my favourite first encounters of couples I like…if that makes sense. As always these are in no particular order.

Oh and I’m not counting one person creepily spotting the other through a window or something – I’m talking about when they first interact together. Let’s get into this, cause it might be a long one.

1. Will and Layla from the Lake Series by Annalisa Grant

This is the couple that inspired this post…cause can you imagine a cuter and more perfect meeting? Also just her awkwardness and his calmness is so important to the book and there relationship and I think this quote captures it so well!

I literally run into someone coming out of the coffee shop. I feel awful because our collision has knocked his drink right out of his hands and into an icy mess on the sidewalk. “Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry!” I say looking down at the pool of soda on the ground. “It’s ok. Not a big deal, really. It’s only Coke,” he says with a chuckle of complete coolness. I look up to see that I have collided with Will Meyer. He’s even more beautiful up close. He’s tall with light brown hair, worn in a messy, gelled mop and has eyes that are a deep crystal blue. My view of him earlier did no justice to his heavenly good looks, but I need to stop my inventory of his physically amazing qualities before I forget my place. I draw my attention back to the icy puddle on the ground. Each piece of ice lies there, mocking me, reminding me of my awkward existence here. “Hi. I’m Will Meyer,” he says smiling dreamily. “I’m Layla Weston. It’s nice to meet you.” I shake his hand fearfully aware of how sweaty my palms are.

2. Jared and Kami from the Lynburn Legacy Series by Sarah Rees Brennan

I love this one cause I mean they are potentially one of my all time favourite couples ever!! But also cause they don’t know at this point that they are so connected and the banter and the flirtation is just amazing!

Kami shoved her stack of paper and books between the closing doors. “I said hold the lift, asshole!” The doors opened, giving a low whine as they did so. Kami knew just how they felt. “Oh, is this the lift?” the guy said in a bored voice. “We call them elevators in America.” Kami curled her lip at him. She couldn’t retreat now. There was the principle of the thing to consider, and also the fact that she had left pages scattered on the lift floor. “Do you know what we call guys like you in England?” she asked. “Wait, I believe I may have already mentioned the word.” She stepped into the lift with Ash’s delinquent cousin. 

3.Grace and Shane from the Mad World Series by Christine Zolendz

These are the other couple that are probably my favoruite romance I’ve ever read – the flirting, the back and forth, the banter, the friendship and devotion – just everything about them is perfect! Plus I think the dynamic of the book is really captured pretty perfectly here.

I had a lacy red bra on which now could be seen through my now very wet tee shirt. I threw the empty plastic cups down to the floor. “Crap! Son of a…” Black leather motorcycle boots jumped from somewhere above me and landed at my feet. Startled, I stepped back. The lead singer, Shane, had jumped off the stage and was now staring down at me with a flirty smile on his face. “Wow,” he smirked.

4. Luke and Eve from the Eve Series by Sophie McKenzie

While this isn’t my favoruite book series by Sophie McKenzie, when thinking of books for this the very first page stuck in my mind so vividly I knew it had to go on the list. I remember it being shocking but gripping and I knew it was going to be the start of a gripping romance.

The fist time I saw her was at my dad’s funeral.
I know what you’re thinking – his dad dies of cancer and a few days later he’s eyeing up some girl.
It wasn’t like that.
Well. It was. But it’s not like I was on the pull or anything.

5. Alec and Riley from A Bad Boy Stole My Bra by Lauren Price

This is one I found tough to capture the vibe of their first encounter – unlike the others on the list it captures the plot of the book brilliantly – but not so much their relationship. But it’s so iconic I couldn’t not include it! Just for context…she’s just woken up in the middle of the night.

I stare wide-eyed at the boy, who seems just as paralysed as I am.
His eyes lock onto mine in shock and we stare at each other fro what feels like hours. He’s postitioned halfway through the window, reaching out towards the opposite sill, with my Minnie Mouse bra swinging in his closed fists.
What. The. Actual. Fudge.

Honorable Mention: Daemon and Katy from the Lux Series

Their first encounter is just amazing….but it’s like a whole 4 pages long of banter so I couldn’t exactly quote it. But it’s basically her drooling on his bare chest while he mocks her, so if that doesn’t make you want to read it nothing will haha.

Which of these did you like best? Any couples you think I missed? I loved this and it took me forever to write because once I started rereading the meetings, I couldn’t stop rereading and now I want to give up on all my current reads to reread all my old faves! Anyway, I hope you have a good day and see you tomorrow!

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