Wednesday’s Word of the Week: Antiquated

Definition: old-fashioned or outdated

Where I Heard It: I am so bad for using the word old. I write it all the time and I hate using it because I know it’s such a meh word so I decided to look up some alternatives and this one just sounds lovely to say hence why it is this weeks word!

Pronunciation: An-ti-qu-ww-aay-t-ed

Stay safe guys!!

2 thoughts on “Antiquated

  1. Ahh I love discovering new words! Went digging for a thesaurus in my room the other day so that I could get into a habit of learning something new. I can be very repetitive when writing so it’s nice to introduce some new stuff into my vocabulary to liven it up a bit 😂✨

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    1. I’m exactly the same when I write! I need to activly look for new words or I will stick with my boring ones. I’m actually asking for a thesaurus for my birthday because I can’t find mine anywhere! (I think my brother stole it haha)

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