Brainstorms Award

Hi guys!
What have you been listening to the past few days. I started a new WIP (because that’s all I do with my freetime haha) and I wanted the soundtrack to be different from my usual music taste so I decided to listen to some rock and now I’m obsessed. I had never opposed rock music but I had never avidly listened to anything but the classics and now it’s like a whole new musical sphere has been opened up to me and I’m so excited about it.
Anyway, that was super off topic but oh well, today’s post is the Brainstorms Award which is hosted by Nabeeha Jameel from BrainStorms. But enough rambling from me, let’s get into the award shall we!


  1. Thank the one who nominated you (Thank you so much Nabeeha!)
  2. Tag your post with #BrainStormsAward and follow BrainStorms if you are willing!
  3. Display the BrainStorms Award logo.
  4. Talk a bit about your blog, why you started it, what you write on and your goal for your blog.
  5. Answer the five questions you have been asked
  6. Nominate five other amazing bloggers
  7. Ask them five new questions

My Blog:

If you’re new to my blog then Hi! I’m May (or Maisy if you like) and I blog about mainly books but I do dabble in other stuff like tv/movies, skincare, bullet journalling and really just anything I want to chat about.
I started my blog in July 2017 during a bored summer holiday because my friends were fed up of my constant book chat and I wanted to share my thoughts with more people who wanted to ramble about books too. I have blogged on and off since then, but I have really stuck to my schedule this year and I am super proud of that.
I don’t really have an overall blog goal. I do this because I love it and obviously being recognised for my effort is nice but it’s not what I aim for. However, after saying that I am only a few followers off 500 WordPress followers and it would be super awesome to reach that because it just blows my mind that I have so many people who want to hear my bizarre thoughts.

Questions I was asked:

1. What food are you craving the most currently?
2. Which page from your current bullet journal is your favourite?
3. Pineapples on pizza or not?
4. What is the most clever word you know?
5. What do you collect that no one knows of?😁

My Answers:

1. Chocolate Chip Cookies! It’s my plan to bake them today so hopefully I won’t be craving them too much longer 😛

2. My favourite bullet journal page this month is from my personal planner. It’s my cover page and my goals page. I was just super happy with how the writing and the drawings turned out – My dad saw it and actually thought it was printed so I was super proud! Plus it’s super summery!
3. 100% Pineapple should be on Pizza! I always have it! It’s my favourite ❤
4. I don’t necessarily know clever words, I just know a lot of words thanks to my Wednesday Word of the Week posts which I have been doing for nearly three years now. But the one that makes me feel smart when I say it is Juxtaposition. It just sounds so fancy!
5. I collect quite a lot of things, books being the most obvious one. I went through a phase of collecting makeup but I recently downsized my collection during lockdown to just the stuff I actually use regularly and what wasn’t out of date. My current collection that post people probably don’t know about though is tickets. I have every ticket from every musical, concert, drama performance, theme park – all of those good things that I’ve ever been to or performed in. They have their own box that I keep having to adapt as my collection grows and grows.

How to get this award:
Introduce your blog in the comment section down below, and tell us what your blog specialises (niche) in, in this way you stand a chance to win the BRAINSTORMS award! Let us know about your favourite post from your blog, as an addition. I will nominate my five people from that and then send you your questions!
I love this as an idea because it creates so much more interaction in the community!

That’s all for this one! Thank you again to Nabeeha for nominating me for her award! I am super happy. I hope you enjoyed this, and don’t forget to leave your info before so I can nominate you too ❤ Have a great weekend!

15 thoughts on “Brainstorms Award

  1. My blog is basically everything about my life. I started this blog three years back but, only became active recently. This is because I was too lazy to read and write. Yes, its ironic I made a profile here. Probably because I wanted to sound cool and stuff. Anyway, now I can proudly say, I stick to my weekly blogging schedule as well which has resulted in increase communication and visits on my website. Great news, isn’t it?

    And, a big Congratulations Maisy, your hard work and dedication is paying off girl :))

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much! That’s great news! It’s always so nice to see a reward for the effort you put in! Congrats on being nominated for the Brainstorms Award.

      1. What is your favourite part about badminton?
      2. Do you often get into a writing/reading slump and if so how do you get yourself out of it?
      3. Do you prefer sweet or savory foods?
      4, What is your favourite genre to read?
      5. What is an unknown fact about yourself?


    1. Thanks so much!
      Congrats on being nominated ❤

      1. What is your favourite snack?
      2. Do you have any pets?
      3. What inspires you to write?
      4. What is one of your unknown hobbies?
      5. How tall are you?

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Great!
          1. What is your favoruite sport to watch?
          2. Who is your idol/celebrity you look up to?
          3. If you could have any career what would it be?
          4. If you could only drink one drink for the rest of your life what would it be?
          5. Who in your family are you closest with?

          I can’t wait to see your answers ❤

          Liked by 1 person

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