Mid-way Through the Year Breakdown


I can’t believe we are nearing the end of June already! My birthday is in like 4 days – I am a millennium baby so I am going to be 20 … which just seems crazy! The fact we are half-way through 2020 is also just madness to me! I’ve never done a post like this but I loved the idea so I decided to give it a go. I was super inspired by Lucy’s Quarter Year Wrap Up so definitely check hers out! This post is Pie Chart Crazy so prepare!

My Year Goals:

  • Read 48 Books – 25/28! I am perfectly on schedule as I am just over half-way through my yearly goal.
  • 10 of which I Previously Owned – 6/10! And I have managed to be over half on this one so I am super happy!


Books Read:

Jan – 3
Feb – 3
Mar – 4
Apr – 2
May – 5
Jun – 8

As you can see, I didn’t start great at the start of the year and I have definitely improved as the months have gone on. I hope to keep up this pace of two books a week until I go back to uni in September – A girl can dream.

Genres Read:

Romance – 15
Mystery – 6
Spy – 2
English Literature – 8
Fantasy – 2
Erotica – 9

There was a lot of overlap in the genres so I just put them in multiple if it fit. Basically all of them – accept my pre-assigned Uni reads – had romance in them because I mean…it’s me we’re talking about haha. I thought I had read more Fantasy than that however.

Pages Read:

Jan – 879
Feb – 1048
March – 672
April – 585
May – 1537
June – 2021

I only recently started tracking the number of pages I read each month. There is something amazingly satisfying seeing all the numbers pile up! I am so happy with this month, and maybe I can squeeze another book in between this post going up and the end of the month.

Age Ranges Read:

Adult – 9
New Adult – 8
Young Adult – 7

Again, this is definitely one that is distorted by my Uni reading since if I had it my way I probably wouldn’t read as many adult aimed books. I was very surprised however that I’ve read more NA than YA because this would previously have been unheard of in my house haha. I also don’t remember having read as much NA as that this year.

Favourite Book From Each Month:

So that’s the breakdown of my year so far! I’m super happy with my progress. I wish I had made more blogging goals that I could have focused on and not just reading goals because I have been super proud of my blog recently! I have stuck to my schedule and managed to post 5 days a week for the last 3 months – which is unheard of for me so I am super proud! I also hit the amazing goal of 500 WordPress Followers and am rapidly racing toward the big 4 digits!! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this! I want to know how your year has been going so far down below ❤
Have a great weekend, see you Monday!

21 thoughts on “Mid-way Through the Year Breakdown

  1. Charts are so satisfying 😍 I have a spreadsheet where I track all of my reading (only since April) and it’s really fun to see what I’m reading in that format. Also congrats with your blog! I’m still trying to figure out how to make myself stick to an actual schedule 😅

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    1. Thanks! I love me a pie chart 😂😂 I found that having a bullet journal with a schedule for the month already written in it at the start of the month really helped me stick to my schedule ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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