My Top 5 Current Favourite Apps

Hey all!

Today’s post is another one that is a little different to my usual bookish stuff. I saw Blissful do this post recently and thought it was really cute and very helpful cause I actually started using the app forest because of it. It’s not one of my new faves but it is actually pretty handy. If you haven’t checked out Blissful’s blog before I highly recommend because she is so sweet and has some amazing content too! Anyway, I hope I give you some apps that might be new to you. Enjoy ❤

First off is a super obvious one – Goodreads.
I have used Goodreads since 2016 but I only truly started to use it efficiently since the start of this year. It’s all about the shelves. I stuck with just the presets for so long. Then I started adding ones. Now I have tons of them and I swear it makes thinks so much more useful.

I am currently on the hunt for a new flat for my next academic year. Hence why my next favourite is Zoopla. I love this app, one because I am super nosy and love looking at properties. Even when it’s not anything that I am looking for myself. Plus, you can see previous rates that houses/flats have sold for before and I am just a super nerd for that kind of thing. It’s so interesting.

My next most used is Pinterest. I am currently writing for Camp NaNoWriMo July and I have about 100 different book related boards to keep my inspiration going. It’s also great for passing time. You can literally find anything on here. I’ve also been using it a lot for bullet journal inspiration because it has some of the most stunning examples I have ever seen anywhere! It’s not fair how talented some people are haha.

Keeping to a similar theme of passing bordom is the game I am currently loving – Sushi Bar Idle. It is so addictive. It’s just one of those tapping games. It does have a lot of ads but you can pay to remove them – It’s still perfectly playable with them however. A great time waster.

My last favourite is Depop. Just like Pinterest I swear you can find anything on here. I’ve bought some clothing items, but I have mainly bought books. You can get some incredible deals on bundles. I’ve got about seven for £12 before which is just unbelievable. It’s also great for handmade stuff or gifts. Sports equipment, beauty products, movies/box sets and even home decor. Everything is so cheap and as a student I love it.

That’s all for this Top 5. I know these are all pretty popular apps. I tried to go for things that weren’t the obvious like Netflix and Youtube etc. But trust me I definitely use them too. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed. I want to know what app you are loving at the moment. Have a great weekend ❤

11 thoughts on “My Top 5 Current Favourite Apps

  1. Mine would definitely be Twitter, IG, WordPress, Pinterest and Canva lol! Boring list, I know. I wish the iPhone had enough battery life to let me play games! I have the smaller one and sometimes even just running YouTube will drain my battery. It’s so sad. Another app I like is ShopKick! You “check in” to certain stores and earn points that you can redeem for gift cards! I got Starbucks free for almost a year when I was super active!

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