The Sunshine Blogger Award #2

Hey guys!

How was your weekend? Again, I didn’t do very much with mine. We’ve been painting one of the rooms in our house so I was mainly working on that with my parents. I’m still in this hell of a reading slump. Anyway, I have very very kindly been nominated by two different people to do the Sunshine Blogger Award so I thought I would combine them into one post. I was first nominated by Naemi from A Book Owl’s Corner and then by Erin from Reading on A Star. Obviously I love both of their blogs and you definitely need to check them out because they both write some amazing bookish content! Again a massive thank you to both of you for thinking of me – being nominated is always the best feeling!!

What is the Sunshine Blogger award?

The Sunshine Blogger Award is an award within the blogging community – given to bloggers by their peers. Those who are nominated, inspire and spread positivity through their blogs. (

Here are the rules:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you for this award 
  2. Make sure to list the rules and post a photo of the award logo
  3. Answer the 11 questions that your nominator asked you
  4. Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them your own 11 questions
  5. Notify your nominees by commenting on one of their recent posts

A Book Owl’s Corner’s Questions:

1. What is an interesting non-bookish fact about you that most people don’t know?

I was a Scout for many years. When I was about 16 I stopped going and instead became a Young Leader for the Scouts and volunteered with the Beavers (Scouts for 5-8 year old’s)
I loved doing it but it was definitely demanding at times. That’s a very rambunctious age.

2. Has your opinion on a book ever changed as you got older? For example: Is there a book you used to dislike that you now love, or a book you adored but fell out of love with?

I recently reread (well listened to it) one of my all-time favourite books from when I was 12 – Falling Fast by Sophie McKenzie. I still loved it and it will always hold a special place in my heart but it definitely was more childish in places than I remembered. Especially as I remember the tough subject matter it discusses in the later books as the characters age.

3. Which fictional food would you love to try someday?

This is tough because I don’t read many fantasy books so most of the foods that are eaten are normal foods that I do already eat haha. I think I would have to pick Snozberries from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It’s a classic and it sounds like it would taste great!

4. You get to resurrect a fictional character of your choice, but in order to gain the energy necessary to restore their life, you have to kill a different character. Who would you save and who would you sacrifice?

I don’t want to spoil who dies so skip this if you want to read the Lynburn Legacy. I’m also taking this as the characters don’t need to be from the same book series.
I would save Rusty, 100 times over. He gave his life to save everyone. My poor poor rusty ❤ And I would sacrifice Zoe from house of Night because she sucks. I literally hate her with a passion.

5. Do you ever feel second-hand embarrassment when reading? If yes, name a scene that really made you cringe!

In literally every book I’ve read ever hahaha. A book that made me cringe so much was Man Crush Monday by Kirsty Moseley – it was definitely because I related so much to the main character that I could see myself doing all of the things she did so I was dying of awkwardness and cringyness so often – but in a great way if you get me.

6. If you could have one item of clothing from a book, what would you pick? Be aware that any magical properties won’t transfer to our world.

I would either pick Katie’s red dress, or Katie’s red Bikini from Obsidian. I just want any item of clothing that would make Daemon have a jaw dropping moment haha.

7. Do you speak any other languages? If so, what is one unique thing about them? If not – are there any languages you would like to learn?

I am definitely not good at the languages but I do know a little French as I spent quite a lot of time there is a kid and watched a lot of French TV so I can hold a conversation if it’s slow enough. And I am trying to learn Japanese as a bit of a challenge and so far it’s been super fun!

8. What is your biggest bookish pet peeve?

I hate insta-love. It instantly ruins a romance for me. Insta-lust is acceptable because I know you can take one look at a stranger across a bar and be like hot damn, but insta-love is just a no go.

9. What would you like to see more of in books?

In general I’m pretty happy with the content of books. There really is something for everyone out there. It’s quite hard for me to pick because I’m very fortunate that for me the things I enjoy reading – YA, NA, Heterosexual Romance – is a very popular and I have lots of it available to read. I can always do with more awkward humour in my books. Let’s go with that haha.

10. What is the first book you ever read by yourself?

This is tough, I don’t really remember. There must have been one before this but the first book I remember picking up because I wanted to read it for myself and not because someone else wanted me to (Parents, teachers etc) was Kaspar, Prince of Cats by Michael Morpurgo. It’s a great book about a Cat on the Titanic and living in a hotel. I think I was about 10ish.

11. Recommend a book that you think doesn’t get enough love!

Definitely the Mad World Series by Christine Zolendz. It is my favourite book series of all time. I literally couldn’t recommend it enough. It’s an amazing mix between NA Rock Romance and Angel and Demon drama. Just amazing.

Reading on a Star’s Questions:

1. What was the last show you binge-watched?

I am currently watching Criminal Minds for the first time, (Season 9 currently) and despite also watching other things/finishing other short series since I started this I feel like it’s such a long tv show it takes binging to whole other level. If you love crime/murder drama’s you will love criminal minds.

2. Do you play any video games?

I do. I love gaming. I have always loved playing The Sims since I was about 7 or maybe younger. I used to be really into Minecraft and Call of Duty when I was younger (like 13-15) Some current favourites are Stardew Valley, Civilisation VI, Cities: Skylines, Prison Architect. I love watching people game as well, I am super into Rust videos and I do play – but I suck really bad at it haha.

3. What is your dream career?

My big dream – Full-time Author
A more realistic goal of mine – Work in a publishers, or something of a similar creative nature and then publish my writing in my free time.
I’m not giving up my big goal though – I’m just working my way up to it.

4. What’s your “Death Row Meal”?

This is so hard because I am so indecisive and I am constantly changing what my favourite food is. At the moment I am loving a good chicken burger so I would probably say that but it might change.

5. Do you have any weird reading habits?

Firstly, I can only read when I am in bed and under the covers. It’s so odd. Another one is that if I am super into a book I start to do the things the character does. So like if someone winks I find myself winking sometimes, or laughing, or being shocked etc. I’m glad I’m always alone when I read haha.

6. If you had one wish right now, what would you wish for?

Are we talking like world peace kind of wish or like a cake magically appears in front of me? I’m going to go for something in between, like endless cash or my dream flat. Boring and practical I know but I am currently looking for a flat at uni and nothing is grabbing me and it’s all so expensive haha.

7. If you had the opportunity to be immortal, would you take it?

I don’t think I would. I couldn’t handle watching my family and friends die all around me.

8. What are your top 5 reads of 2020 so far?

Man Crush Monday by Kirsty Moseley
Shaken by Joss Stirling
Scorched by Joss Stirling
Technically, You Started It by Lana Wood Johnson
The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin

9. What fact amazes you every time you think of it?

Russia has more surface area than Pluto

10. If you could bring one character to life, who would it be?

Are we talking back from the dead in a book or bring to like as in IRL live with me situation? Cause I already kind of answered the first option above, so I’ll go with the IRL option here.
Probably Grace from Mad World. As much as I would love to bring Shane to life and get to fall in love with him. I think Grace would just be such an awesome friend that it would be so cool if she was real.

11. The longest you’ve gone without reading?

This is a hard one to answer because I’ve gone months and months without reading books that I’m interested in reading because of Uni but I am still reading – even if I’m not interested. The longest I’ve probably gone without reading in general is when I was younger so between 12-15 kind of age, I really didn’t read much at all other than Shakespeare in class when I had to. 16 is really when I got into reading big-time and I haven’t stopped reading since.

My Nominations:

  1. Sammy @ Sammy’s Shelf
  2. Nada @ Early Bookish Birds
  3. My Bookish Chapter
  4. Alana @ The Bookish Chick
  5. Claire @ Books, Coffee, Repeat
  6. LaRonda @ Flying Paperbacks
  7. Jenn @ Bound to Writing
  8. Emily @ Frappes and Fiction
  9. Renee @ Renee’s Reviews
  10. Mayurakshi @ Bookshelf Life Now

Questions for my Nominees:

  1. If you could play any fictional game what would it be?
  2. What Star Sign are you?
    (Either in the new system or the old one. I am sticking with the old one personally)
  3. If you could replace the main character in any book which would you pick?
    (You have to experience/do everything exactly as they did it)
  4. Have you ever broken any bones?
  5. If there is one genre (book or movie) you could get rid of what would it be?
  6. What is your favourite meal to cook and why?
    (You could pick desserts if you’re more into baking than cooking)
  7. A book (or series) that you hate that other’s love?
  8. A bad habit you want to stop?
  9. What is the blog post you are most proud of writing?
  10. Do you have any siblings? If so are they younger or older? If not do you wish you did?
  11. Do you remember who your first follower on your blog was – If so shout them out ❤

That’s all for today’s post! Thank you so much again for nominating me – I had so much fun answering these. I hope the people I nominated don’t mind being nominated. No rush with your replies. Sorry if you’ve done this a lot before too, hopefully my questions are new and fresh for you.
Have a great day all, I will see you again tomorrow xx

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  1. I loved your answers to this! 😊 I’m so glad I’m not the only one who gets those weird flashes of second-hand embarrassment when reading 😂 And I did not know that fact about Russia and Pluto, even though I’m currently learning Russian and have come across quite a bit of Russian geography along the way. That is truly mind-boggling!!

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