The Would You Rather Book Tag


I am about a month late on doing this tag but I was so behind on other posts that I am only getting to this now. I was very kindly tagged to do this by Julie @ One Book More. She is so lovely and her content is amazing! Plus, she loves Les Mis just as much as I do so she deserves bonus points for that. I hope you check her out if you don’t already follow her and also see the answers she put ❤
Let’s get on with the questions shall we!

The Rules:

  • Thank the nominator.
  • Answer the questions given to you by the nominator.
  • Make your own questions.
  • Tag others to join in on the fun!

The Questions:

1. Would you rather meet your favourite author or meet your favourite character?

Favourite Author I think. I think there is more to learn about them and get to know them but with a book character I feel like I already know a lot about them so it would feel a little odd – kind of like an all-knowing obsessive fan.

2. Would you rather only read series or only read standalones?

This is super tough but I think it has to be series. Out of my top 5 favourite reads, 4 of them are series so I couldn’t not pick it.

3. Would you rather read one book at a time or multiple books?

One Book. I cannot read more than one book at the time anyway so this was easy peasy!

4. Would you rather only read physical books or only read ebooks?

This is tricky because I prefer reading physical books but I read quicker on E-Books cause I can’t see my progress as easily with a physical book. But I think that the smell and feel of a paperback wins out.

5. Would you rather live in one of the factions from Divergent or one of the districts in The Hunger Games?

I have read neither book series. I have seen the first divergent movie and all of the hunger games. Based on those I would say Divergent cause it sounds like less death but also more monotony so I don’t know. Let’s say Divergent.

6. Would you rather have your favourite hero’s powers or your favourite villain’s powers?

I would love to be Barry Allen. Bring on the Flash baby!! Let lightning give me abs!!

7. Would you rather never read a new release or never be able to reread a book?

Never read a new release. I am big into rereading. I literally could not imagine never reading Fall From Grace again. I would cry.

8. Would you rather live in your favourite character’s world or have your favourite character live in your world?

Most of my favourite series are actually set in the real world so it would be much more interesting if they lived here with me and my friends and family rather than me being in theirs.

9. Would you rather every book start with “Once upon a time” or every book end with “and they lived happily ever after”?

Happily Ever After!! I am a sucker for HEA’s. I would be so content to read them until the end of time!

10. Would you rather never be able to buy a book again or never be able to borrow a book again?

I only borrow books very rarely and I get very stressed out when I do in case I damage it accidentally or whatever. Plus, I love owning the books I read, it’s like a physical reminder of something I did.

I Tag:

My Questions:

  1. Would you rather only read the first book in a series, or only read the last?
  2. Would you rather fold the corner of your page as a bookmark or never keep your page marked?
  3. Would you rather be in a love triangle or have unrequited love?
  4. Would you rather only one genre forever or read from any genre except your favourite?
  5. Would you rather have an actors you hate play all the roles in the adaptation but it is perfect or have actors you like with small inconsistencies?
  6. Would you rather love a book everyone else hates, or hate a book everyone else loves?
  7. Would you rather be a professional book reviewer or a full time author?
  8. Would you rather only read the same 100 books over and over, or only be allowed to get a new book every 6 months? (You still keep the current collection you have)
  9. Would you rather only ever read books where your favourite characters die or only ever read books that end on cliff hangers?
  10. Would you rather read 5 books a week or only read 2 books a month?

That’s all for today! These questions were so fun. It was so hard to come up with 10 questions too, so I hope everyone I tagged likes them haha. Have a great day, and I will see you tomorrow ❤

7 thoughts on “The Would You Rather Book Tag

  1. Great post! 😊 I never really thought about how creepy I would come across if I ever met my favorite book characters, but you’re right: I would sound like a total stalker 😂 But I’d also just love to meet my favorite authors and ask them writing questions! Also, I’m with you on re-reads but not on happy endings. I love bawling my eyes over books, so there’d better be at least a touch of sadness 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks!! I feel sorry for the authors I would meet, they would be so fed up with all the questions Id ask 😂😂 I live a good cry too, but I like it near the end just before everything is fixed and I get my cute romance all resolved 😂


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