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I hope your weekend was great. It was my friends 21st so we celebrated (within the rules obviously) I know it’s a Monday and I don’t usually do reviews on a Monday but this is a special occasion because it’s the release day of Stand-In Saturday! If you read my blog frequently then you’ll know that I adored Man Crush Monday and I have been so hyped to read this. And finally I got the chance to – and boyyyyy…it was amazing!!! But anyway, enough rambling from me – let’s jump into this review and celebrate release day!!

I very kindly got a copy of this sent to me by the author because I am on her blogger list. As always the fact that I was gifted this book did not sway my opinion whatsoever, as always my thoughts are all my own. Now that that’s out of the way let’s hop into my review.

Title: Stand-In Saturday (Love for Days #2)
*Can be read as a standalone however spoils elements of first book.
Author: Kirsty Moseley
Genres: Adult, Romance, Contemporary
Publication Date: September 28th 2020
When I Read It: 17th September 2020
Goodreads Rating: 4.95 Stars

Goodreads Description:
Two broken hearts. One fake dating agreement. What could go wrong? Lucie thought she had it all—a loving fiancé, a nice apartment, and a job she was great at. But that all changed the day she walked in on her perfect fiancé screwing his personal trainer on her newly purchased dream sofa. Three months later, she’s bunking with her best friend and scrambling to make sense of her life sans cheating ex. Theo is about to jet off for a long weekend in picturesque Scotland to be the best man at his brother’s wedding. With stunning views and nothing but free food and drinking ahead, he should be more excited than he is. If only he didn’t have feelings for the damn bride. When fate throws Lucie and Theo together under unlikely circumstances, they bond over doughnuts and their mutually disastrous love lives … and it seems like they might be able to help each other out. As long as they both stick to the rules, there’s nothing that can go wrong.
Contract in place? Check.
Hot, fake dates? Check.
Sexual chemistry steamy enough to scorch sheets? Double che—
Wait, what? That wasn’t in the agreement …

My Goodreads Review: *aka my initial thoughts, straight after (and during) reading
17th September (71%) – Eek!! Thats the only way I can describe how much I adore this. I wish I didn’t have things to do today because stopping reading is actually killing me inside a little. I have no words. My heart is beyond happy!”
17th September Finished – Someone needs to call 999 because I just died. I think my heart actually stopped when reading this. Is it possible to give something for than 5 stars?
I don’t even know where to begin. Perfection is impossible to describe with words other than Eek, Ahh and swoon.
I knew going into this that I would adore Theo… But boy was that the understatement of the millennium. He is my dream guy. Funny, charismatic and cutely nerdy. Don’t even get me started on the fact he can draw. I’m glad I was on a kindle because there was a lot of drooling happening and I’d really like to keep all my paperbacks drool free thanks.
Lucie was such an amazing balance between vulnerable and yet desperate to let her snazzy side out. Reading her made me smile, like I was talking to a best friend.
Obviously, no surprise to anyone Kirsty’s writing was as outstanding as ever and had me crying (both happy and sad tears but mainly lots of happy tears) The humour as always had me in hysterics – my mum came to check I wasn’t choking to death because she heard my wheezing laughter from the other side of the house…. Yeah, Theo is that funny.
As a very proud Scottish girl I adored that this was partly set in Scotland – Nothing I read is ever set in Scotland and it just made me love it even more (even if her weather expectations are a little in accurate haha)
The plot is to die for. Fake dating is always an amazing trope and this did not disappoint.
So yeah, in summary I clearly hated this book a lot… SIKE!! I adored it. Everyone needs to read this book. Preorder it now!! You won’t be sorry!!To conclude, this was awesome. Automatic fave of the year. All the thoughts have made me a little delirious with joy and excitement and sadness and all the feels. I can’t wait for Fangirl Friday. I need it now. Thank you for coming to my TED talk ❤

Characters: Theo is amazing! Can I get one of my own please? He is my dream guy. Funny, charismatic and cutely nerdy. I knew I liked him after Man Crush Monday but DAMN!! He grew on me even more than I thought possible here.
I really enjoyed reading Lucie too! She was a fun and well balanced character. I still preferred reading Amy (probably because I feel like I am Amy) but Lucie blew me away too. I loved how insecure she was but then also willing to stand up for herself. Perfect combination. I don’t even know how to describe most of the secondary characters because my mind was so filled with Theo I barely paid attention. It’s always amazing to see favourite characters returning and developing so obviously I loved seeing Amy, Jared and all of their families again. I loved meeting Aubrey! She was an amazing best friend and it made me so excited to find out that the final book in the series will be following her.
Characters = 10/10

Humour: As per most of Kirsty’s writing, this had me bent double with laughter. She just gets my sense of humour to perfection. Like I said in my Goodreads review, my mum came to check I wasn’t choking to death because she heard my wheezing laughter from the other side of the house. So that gives you an idea of exactly how much I laughed during this. Don’t even get me started on the costume party scene…NO WORDS!!
Humour = 10/10

Atmosphere: Like I said above, I adored that this was partly set in Scotland. For some reason not many of the books I read are set in Scotland so it just made me love it even more.
Atmosphere = 10/10

Writing Style: No surprises here – I loved the writing just as I always do. Kirsty never fails to blow me away with her writing. I always love books with multiple POV’s in them. I knew going into this that I loved the writing style so I didn’t pay much attention to it other than just my general enjoyment. I probably wrote more detailed description of it in my Man Crush Monday Review.
Writing Style = 10/10

Plot: The plot is to die for. Fake dating is always an amazing trope and this did not disappoint. The way they met was amazing. The complicated backstories they both have that keep them apart (well it’s actually more like lack of communication that does that.) I’m really struggling to put my enjoyment into words because I loved every second of it.
Plot = 10/10

Intrigue: I suppose that leads nicely into this point that I loved every second and really struggled to put it down. I did have to leave it at 70% to go and meet a friend but boy was I dying inside when I did that. I came back after meeting them and finished it immediately. It was gripping the whole way through – practically turning the pages for you. Kirsty is always amazing at really investing you in a story and this was no different.
Intrigue = 10/10

Logic: This was super logical. The only thing I could gripe with is that the weather they had in Scotland just doesn’t happen. I don’t ever think I’ve had two days of sun, let alone a whole weekend like they had; so yeah I got a bit of a chuckle out of that. Especially the fact they are on the West Coast! Scottish people will know that they never see the sun haha!
Logic = 9/10

Enjoyment: Obviously, I adored this. If I could rate this more than ten I would. You need to read this if you are a fan of romance. It is perfection. I feel like I have no words to properly convey how incredible this is! Undoubtedly my favourite read of the year so far and it will be really hard to beat!
Enjoyment = 10/10

Relationships: If you couldn’t tell… I really loved Lucie and Theo together. They just worked. They balanced each other out so well and they never had any issues (other than communication) that were detrimental to their relationship or their thought of one another. I rooted for them all the way – to be honest I would have rooted for whoever Theo was interested in because it’s Theo and obviously he has amazing taste! The sex in the book was great to read – really well paced and tasteful and not overshadowing the plot and just added to the drama and tension beautifully.
Relationships = 10/10

Overall Score = 89/90 or 9.8/10
Star Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

That’s all for today’s review folks. I have some links for buying the book below – it’s a special release week price so if this interests you I’d grab it while you can! I will keep this short and just leave you with today’s Questions. See you tomorrow ❤

Are you excited about Stand-In Saturday?
Have you read Man Crush Monday?
Will you read Fangirl Friday when it releases next year?

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PRICE:  $2.99 Special lower preorder and release week price. After that the price will go up. This will be the only sale for a long time. 

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