What I Posted Then Vs. What I Post Now

Hi guys,

Happy Monday! How has your day been? Today has been a pretty good day for me! I was so stressed the past few weeks about the essays I had to write for class and I got my grade back for one of them this morning and I got a B2 (which for people who don’t use our system thats 16/22 or 70-ish%) so it’s definitely a weight off my shoulders a little but I still have more grades to come in and hopefully they go as well as this one did. Thanks again to everyone who sent me supportive messages on my essays – they really helped me get through it ❤

Anyway, today I thought I would do a spin on a post I did a couple months back called What I am Reading vs What I Read where I basically look back one year ago to the day I am writing it and see what I was reading then compared to now. I planned to do a sequel to that post today but I went to goodreads to see what I was reading and realised that I didn’t read anything this time last year so I had to improvise – hence this post was born. This might have been done before (knowing the internet it probably has, but I couldn’t find anyone doing it – if you know of anyone please tell me so I can credit them!

The plan is for me to go back on this day the past 3 years of my blog and see what I was posting in this week of each year to see how the things I post has evolved. I hope you enjoy this because I think it’s a fun idea and it would be cool to do it again.


15th – Wolf and Roses Audio Book Blitz
17th – Wednesday’s Word of the Week – Bawd
22nd – Wednesday’s Word of the Week – Facetious
22nd – Exposure Book Tour
23rd – The Infinity Gene Book Tour and Giveaway

Well there has definitely been a lot of development in my blogging style since then. Firstly, I don’t listen to audio books so me doing a Blitz for one is crazy and I am almost 100% sure it is the only time I ever attempted to do Audiobook content on my blog because after trying it once I knew it instantly wasn’t for me.
Secondly, that is a lot of organised posts. By organised I don’t mean that I scheduled them (because I definitely didn’t do that since I only started doing that in 2019) I mean that it was posts like Book Tours, Blitz, Giveaways etc that were organised by an outside source and I just had to write a post on a set day (or basically copy and paste a pre-written post onto my blog) and while I do these occasionally when it is a book or author I really care about, I would never do them to this extent anymore because they never feel as real as my other content. No hate to these because I like reading these posts, but they aren’t really the kind of stuff I like to write myself.
And the last thing I notice there that I wouldn’t do now it double posting on the same day. It makes me feel like I’m trying to churn out content and less like I have put effort in. It works for some bloggers but not for me.
Some similarities I do see however, is obviously my Wednesday’s Word of the Week posts are still going strong three and a half years later which is pretty incredible! And also it looks liked I have a decently regular posting schedule which is something I am really proud to say I have today (although as you will read shortly…) I definitely have not always been this consistent with my posting.


Disappointingly, in 2018 I had a blogging hiatus of two and a half months where I was just starting Uni and I hadn’t worked out how to cope with the blogging/life/studying balance yet so I just stopped posting and sadly November fell into that slump. So nothing to reflect on here other than the fact that I have learnt how to get a better balance between all those things so that I can still do well in school, have a life and do my blogging too. I actually did a whole post on tips to help with balancing all of this – HERE – if you are interested.


15th – First Lines Friday #4

Similarly to 2018, I again struggled to keep up with my blog whilst back at Uni so it was a barren few months on my blog during my first term. This is the only post I did close to these dates. I haven’t done one of these in a while but I still enjoy doing them, I’ve just had other things I needed to post on Friday’s instead and that’s the only real downside to these posts are that you have the constraint of only being able to do them on Fridays.


16th – It’s Monday, What am I Reading?
18th – Wednesday’s Word of the Week – Filabuster
20th – Did I Read What I Hauled #4
22nd – Book Review – Enemies & Lovers by Christine Zolendz
23rd – This Post!

I actually don’t know how well this week’s content represents the stuff I generally post as a whole, it does show that I have a regular schedule, my Wednesday Word of the Week is still going and I doing Review Sunday’s so it does show elements of the staples that I think are all favourites of my blog. Anway, I hope you enjoyed this! I thought it was super fun. I will see you on Wednesday with my Word of the Week! ❤

How much has your blogging changed in the last year?

15 thoughts on “What I Posted Then Vs. What I Post Now

  1. Great post, May. A year ago I was posting three times per week, but it was a struggle to find time around work and other things, and also to keep thinking of post ideas. Reducing to two has really helped. Hope you’ve had a nice day 🤗

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    1. Two times a week is still a great schedule. Ive been doing really well with my schedule recently but i have a feeling it might dip over Christmas. Hope your day was good too!

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  2. Wow! Its so cool that its been 3 to 4 years of blogging for you now. Congrats. I’ve been wanting to blog/post since 2017 but would always end up deleting stuff because I’m not the writer type. This definitely is giving me a push towards trying again. Have an amazing day!

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    1. I was so nervous to post my forst blog post too but what made me finally do it was that I thought I have nothing really to loose. This community is amazing and they are seriously so supportive of everyone whether you’re the writer type or not 🤗 definitely give it a go cause you wont regret it xx

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