My Bullet Journal Set-up 2021

Hey guys!

How are you doing today? Tonight I am doing a Christmas Quiz with my friends on skype so I am excited for that. Do you have any fun plans for the day? Today I am going to show you the set-ups for my two 2021 Bullet Journals. I started bullet journalling at the start of 2020 and it has quickly became one of my favourite hobbies. If you have never seen any of my bullet journalling posts before here is a link to them if you are interested. But that’s enough pre-amble – let me get into telling you about my journals.

How I Journal:

I have two bullet journals, one for blogging/reading and then one for my personal everyday life and while this isn’t typical (usually the point of bullet journals is to have everything in one place) but I find that having them separated works best for me. Plus, I get to do two different themes. I decided to upgrade my personal bullet journal this year from an A5 to B5 because I do use it everyday and I wanted a little bit more space than before which I don’t need for my blogging journal.

My Supplies:

If there is one thing I’ve learnt about bullet journalling it is that you do not need fancy stuff to do it. I started with highlighters and the journals and that was it. I have since upgraded because I have fallen in love with journalling and it is where I want to spend my money but you definitely do not need to do that.

My Blogging Bullet Journal:

This is my blogging/reading bullet journal. It is a stunning maroony-berry-purple and I love it. Both of the themes for my Set-up’s I tried to keep just to black and white because I know my monthly spreads will be really colourful and I didn’t want too much competing colour.

I really didn’t like my key in the last journal so I wanted to update it and make it a bit more user friendly. It’s still not perfect but I like it more than my last one. The 2021 is very self-explanatory. Just nice and simple.

After last years haphazard and last minute messy goals spread I wanted to actually put some effort in this time and give it it’s own space rather than just a small space at the bottom of the page like last time because I forgot about it. I tried to keep the spreads clear before taking the photos but I forgot for this spread you get a sneak-peak of my goals here, although I do hope to add some more. On the other page I have a reading tracker, I hope to track how many days I actually read in the year and I thought this was a cute way to document it.

This is my Year in Reading spread. Basically identical to how I did it in my last journal except its on two pages instead of one because I ran out of space last year. I hope to fill it up as the year goes on.

This is my Year in Book Quotes spread. It is a new thing that I saw on the internet and thought it was cute. Basically, after I read a book I put down my favourite short quote so I can look back on at the end of the year. I don’t know how it will work out but I hope it does because it seems sweet.

These two are also spreads that are new to me. Firstly, my Stats of the Year spread. I split it between yearly views, I hope to show the difference between this year and last. Just to see how things compare to last year which was by far my best year in blogging ever. At the bottom I have my follower goals and I will colour them in if I am lucky enough to hit these massive milestones. I just thought it was a nice way to document how my blog does this coming year. On the other page I have my spreads of the year page. I always love the aesthetics of these in other people’s journals so I thought I’d add one. I again forgot not to use the spread until I had taken photos so just ignore the strategically placed bit of white paper please haha.

Flip all the way to the back of my bullet journal and I have a spread that I titled Tally, which means nothing to most people – but to me it means a series tally tracker. It is to keep track of the number I am on in my series type posts because I am always forgetting what number I am on so I thought this would help keep it organised.

And then lastly, this is my read but not reviewed spread. I had this last year but it was such a mess I never showed it on here. So this year I tidied it up so that I could show it. It’s pretty self-explanatory. It is just so I can check if I reviewed a book or not or if I still have to do it. It’s really helpful when deciding the order that I post my reviews. Also, it’s at the back of the journal so that as I add to it I won’t run out of room.

My Personal Bullet Journal:

This is my personal bullet journal. It is massive. I know it sounds dumb but even though I knew it would be bigger than my old one, it is so much bigger so making these spreads I found pretty difficult because I wasn’t used to the new proportions. It comes with a premade key and an index as all the pages are pre-numbered. It’s very fancy for what I’m used to but I like it.

Again, my first spread it pretty simple. Just 2021. Then I have my resolutions, goals and bucket list. I had a bucket list in my old journal but I didn’t need the whole page last year so I just made a small we section for it this time.

Next I have my Year in Reading spread but in my personal journal. I know it’s overlapping with my other but I couldn’t not have it in this one too. I tried to make it a little different just to keep it fresh. Then I have my spreads of the year in this journal. I hope it looks nice when it’s all filled out.

Then finally we have my year at a glance spread. I have never had this spread before but I thought it would be good to include. Hopefully, I use it because it would be a shame to waste the space. The back of the book is currently empty, but it will be where I put my academic trackers but I won’t make them until the new term and I have my timetable etc.

So those are my spreads. Sorry for the change of lighting in the last few photos, Scottish weather has never been predicable. Is there any spreads you think I’m missing? I will put up my January spreads in the new year, I have ideas for both but I haven’t drawn either of them up yet. I better hop to it. What are you doing for your January spreads? Anyway, have a great day and I will see you tomorrow!

8 thoughts on “My Bullet Journal Set-up 2021

  1. Love your spreads. I buy a premade planner from Little Inklings Designs because I am not artistic and when I try it looks horrible. In my planner in the front it has the entire yearly calendar and I’ve never really used it but I like your idea of tracking what days you actually read I might just have to give that a try this year.

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    1. I used premade planners until last year and I loved them too, I really swapped to bullet journalling for the arty stuff and the customisability. I dont know if im going to use the yearly spread but maybe once my university classes start up again i will.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh these spreads are so pretty and I love the minimalist style! Love the reading tracker ‘shelf’ especially. I used to have some in a Fairyloot reading journal, but it was month by month and there were way too many blank ones, so I always had loads of empty ones left over and they looked so odd 😂 hand-drawn ones would have been much better!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I’ve realised that i really like a minimalist bullet journal which I didnt think I would. The reading shelf is one of my favorite spreads because its so satisfying to watch it fill up over the year 🤗🤗

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope you decide to do it because its so fun. I love having my blogging elements, it makes me so much more productive on my blog and keeps me motivated because its on paper and that makes it feel real 😂😂

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