My Year in Reading 2020

Hi Guys!

Happy Hogmanay! It’s been a very tough year and everyone is ready for 2021. I still had a very productive year this year because I had so much extra time at home and my blogging and my reading really benefitted from that. I did a post similar to this half-way through the year to track my progress on my goals and I was on target but let’s see how if that’s changed.
All of these are just reading goals as I didn’t make any blogging related goals this year, but I am going to change that for 2021. But anyway, let’s just jump into what is basically a wrap up of the year!
Also here is my Goodreads Year in Books page if you are interested in those details.

My Yearly Goals:

  • Read 48 Books – 74/48! I am ecstatic with this number. I don’t think I have ever read this much in one year so I am very proud.
  • 10 of which I Previously Owned – 6/10! Sadly, I got on a Netgalley binge this year so I didn’t read many books that I owned before this year so I didn’t hit my goal. I think I will renew this next year because I really want to try and clear my bookshelf.


Star Rating:

I think this is generally a pretty good spread of star ratings with 3.5 stars being my average rating. It’s not as high in previous years but because I read so much more than usual I think that’s why my average is lower than usual.

Books Read:

Jan – 3
Feb – 3
Mar – 4
Apr – 2
May – 5
Jun – 9
Jul – 0
Aug – 5
Sept – 16
Oct – 12
Nov – 12
Dec – 3

I had a pretty usual and tame start to the year and then after August I just went a little crazy and I read crazy amounts. I don’t think I have ever read as much in one month as I did in September, so I am super proud with that.

Genres Read:

Romance – 44
Mystery – 10
Spy – 4
English Literature – 24
Fantasy – 2
Erotica – 16

There was a lot of overlap in the genres so I just put them in multiple if it fit. Basically all of them – accept my pre-assigned Uni reads – had romance in them because I mean…it’s me we’re talking about haha. I thought I had read more fantasy this year but I clearly have only been in the mood for Romance.

Pages Read:

Jan – 879
Feb – 1048
Mar – 672
Apr – 585
May – 1537
Jun – 2021
Jul – 0
Aug – 1248
Sept – 2323
Oct – 2791
Nov – 2983
Dec – 772

I only started tracking the number of pages I read each month this year. There is something amazingly satisfying seeing all the numbers pile up! It’s fun to see that even though I read the most books in September, November was the month I read the most pages just because of the lengths of the book.

Age Ranges Read:

Adult – 38
New Adult – 22
Young Adult – 14

This is definitely one that is distorted by my Uni reading since if I had it my way I probably wouldn’t read as many adult aimed books but maybe I’m wrong because I definitely expanded my romance reading into adult aimed books which is new for me but definitely a good thing.

Favourite Book From Each Month:

My Favourite Blog Posts From Each Month:

So that’s the breakdown of my year in reading! I cannot thank you all enough for making such a crappy year that little bit better here in my blog. The support I have gotten this year is beyond anything I ever could have dreamed of and I hope to keep on improving in the new year for you all! I hope you enjoyed this and all of my posts this year! Let’s hope for good things in the new year! Have a great Hogmanay and I will see you tomorrow in 2021!

6 thoughts on “My Year in Reading 2020

  1. That’s a lot of stats! Making me think I should try track more stats in 2021.
    I also had an average rating of 3.5 stars and close to the same number of total books read – I count 3.5 stars good for me because I feel I rate a lot of books 3 stars for good, enjoyable but probably wouldn’t read again so yeah, an average above that is good news!

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