It’s Monday, What Are You Reading? #3

Hi all!

How has your Monday been going so far? I got my timetable for this term at Uni today so that was exciting. It isn’t very busy because it only has my live classes on it and because of COVID, most of my classes are pre-recorded and I can watch them whenever – which makes for a pretty empty timetable but I’m sure it will feel busy once things start next week.
Anyway, today’s post I thought I would do another It’s Monday, What Are You Reading? post because I loved the last few times I have done it. It’s when I talk about what I am currently reading, what I just read and what I plan to read. It’s hosted by the Book Date. I like that it is a little bit like a wrap-up but in the middle of the month just to spice things up! So I hope you enjoy, let’s get on with it!

What I Read Last Week:

Last week I was pretty productive reading-wise as I read the second and third books in the Hartsville SEAL Hero’s series by Leslie North and then also Tempted by Anna Ray. They were all sent to me via Netgalley so that made me feel extra productive haha. My thoughts on all of them will be out in a mini review post soon hopefully.

What I am Reading:

I am currently reading In the Penalty Box by Lynn Rush and Kelly Anne Blout, and so far I’m liking it. It was kindly sent to me by the publisher through YA Bound Book Tours, and after a bit of hassle actually getting ahold of the book (technical difficulties suck) I finally got my hands on it! I am about 24% of the way through so far and I am loving the chemistry between the characters. After writing this blog post I plan to dive into reading (and maybe finishing) it. The review for this will be up on Thursday.

What I Plan to Read Next:

Like I mentioned at the start of the post, my classes start next week so I have to start reading for that. I don’t have any of the books for that yet so whichever arrives in the post first will probably be what I pick up; or maybe which comes first in the term but I don’t know what that is yet either.

Last Weeks Posts:

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I hope you guys liked this! I want to hear about what you’ve been reading in the past week or what you plan to read this week! Also what blog post did you write recently that was your favourite? I used to have so much time to check out everyone’s posts but now I feel like I have no time at all. So I want to hear about them! Anyway, gave a great day and I will see you on tomorrow ❤

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