Let’s Get Chatting…#7

Today’s Topic is… well I don’t think it has an exact one really.
Let’s get chatting anyway…

I don’t know if this is the first time you’ve stumbled across my let’s get chatting posts or if you have seen some of my previous ones (I have done 6 others) but usually it’s where I pick a topic that is weighing on my thoughts and I chat about my opinions on it. You guys then respond with your thoughts and opinions below and we chat about it – very simple! But this week I just really was in the mood for a chat about anything and everything bookish! If it’s on your mind share it!! I have a few thought’s that I want to chat about but nothing that really made for a coherent header topic so I thought I would go without and see how it goes.
As always, keep it kind but I know you will because you guys are amazing. Anyway, let’s get chatting…

So first thing that’s been on my mind is that I start my creative writing class this week! I’m both excited and very nervous. I haven’t ever really shared much of my writing other than some of the stuff I did in school and what I’ve done on my blog but it’s never been in a class/peer environment of this standard (3rd Year English Lit) which is daunting. I have all the usual fears of – what will they think? What if mine is so much worse than theirs? What if my ideas suck? etc… and believe me the list does go on haha.

And if that isn’t scary enough as it is, on top of that we need to discuss our influences as a writer…which for me is a lot and I mean A LOT of YA/NA/Adult Romance fiction…a genre that is typically not associated with a particularly high-class/standard of writing. I love the books I read and I’m not ashamed of them (a topic I discuss more here). If the people in the class want to judge me for my book tastes they can, it’s not going to stop me reading it. I don’t care what they read so why should they care about what I read. What worries me is that because that is the genre/writing style that inspires me that my writing won’t be of a high enough academic standard in the eyes of my tutor who would probably prefer something more hard-hitting, meaningful or highbrow. Part of my brain is yelling that this is for University, this is graded and goes towards my final degree grade so it needs to be more serious and less jovial like my usual writing. But then another part of me is saying that this is a Creative Writing class and should be about me expanding and learning more about writing and also showcasing what I think is the best of my writing/what I enjoy most, even if that isn’t the most high brow or serious thing the tutors read. I read and write to enjoy myself, I like making myself laugh and I want that in my writing. It’s such a hard balance and I have no idea which side of my brain will win out. I think I’ll just have to bide my time in class and see how things pan out for the first few weeks and then make a decision.

On a more reading related chatting note, I plan to start reading Shadow and Bone tonight for the first time. My best friend and I are going to be reading buddies which I haven’t done in a while which will be fun! If any of you want to join in a start reading it this week too then I will love to hear updates from you, either here or on Goodreads if you want to be my friend there! I also start my romanticism class this week which is a genre I don’t think I’ve read much from except Pride and Prejudice. If you have any tips for analysising that style of writing I would be very glad to hear them!

Other than my fears about my class I am very excited for this week. I have really missed doing these discussion based posts because sometimes you just need to rant/chat about your thoughts to help them seem less daunting. Please show this some love if you like the fact that it is back and if I should make them more frequent! As always please please please chat back below because otherwise this seems a little bit like the raving thoughts of a lunatic when there is no response haha.
Anyway, I can’t wait to hear what you guys think and what you’re plans are this week. I hope you enjoyed, and I will see you tomorrow for a far less rambley post!

18 thoughts on “Let’s Get Chatting…#7

  1. Keep reading what you love and write what you want because if you start forcing yourself to write in a style that you just don’t click with it’ll show in the quality of your work.
    And it’s a creative writing class – try to have fun with it! I remember doing a creative writing module back when I was in college and being quite nervous about it because I’d never really had people in the same room critique my work but what helped a lot in that class was we actually submitted our work under pen names so only the teacher knew who’d written what. In the end, I absolutely loved that class. I really don’t do any writing (other than blog posts) these days but yeah, fond memories of that class and the short story I wrote from the perspective of a cat about their day (write what you love and all!)

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    1. Thank you! I had my first class today and its definitely taken the pressure off. A lot of my stress was definitely fesr of the unknown I think.
      My friend wrote a piece from the perspective of a cat once, its such a fun idea.


      1. I think writing short stories from the perspective of animals can be quite fun – especially if you want to try writing something humorous, I feel like it’s easier to write about animals than people.

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  2. I mainly like writing fantasy and historical fiction stories. Although I think it’d be fun to venture out and try new things! I’d love to read one of your stories one day, if you decide to share it with us, of course. 🙂

    Happy reading and writing!

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    1. Those are two genres I haven’t ever attempted to write before. I bet fantasy is super fun to design a world etc! I really hope I’ll get to publish one day so maybe you will read it!

      Thank you, you too 🤗

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  3. Don’t worry about what others think of your reading choices – just keep enjoying them! ❤ Before the Internet a lot of people got on the classics bandwagon simply because that’s what was deemed socially acceptable. While I have enjoyed many of these books, social media has also done a great job of bringing diverse books from different genres and authors to the spotlight!

    Bottom line: those presumptuous people are stuck in the past! There’s a whole world of books to discover, and all books can have a positive impact on our lives! Your opinion is valid and luckily it’s easier now to find people online that share your tastes. Or at least will be more open-minded about your reading choices.

    I hope you enjoy Shadow and Bone! I love Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse. 😊

    Last but not least, good luck on your creative writing classes! I love writing too, so I really hope it’s a positive experience for you. 💖

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    1. Thank you so much! Im so glad everyone feels the same as me when it comes to reading what you love reading!

      Im adoring Shadow and Bone so far and I cant wait to get to the next one.

      What kind of writing do you enjoy?

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  4. You can do it and smash it, don’t worry about what others think. I was fed up of my work mates putting down my books and I got to a point where I realised I didn’t care what they thought! Shadow and Bone is a great book, hope you enjoy 😁

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    1. Thanks! I said to myself that I’d start it and read a few chapters before bed. Suddenly it was 1am and I had 50 pages left to go 😂


  5. Ahhh, I definitely feel where you’re coming from with this, Maisy! Not so much with writing, since the only creative writing classes I took concerned short fiction and I actually loved experimenting with all kinds of literary devices in those stories! But definitely with my reading! When I said in one of my literature classes that my favorite book was Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, I could already tell that my professor’s opinion of me sank considerably. But at least I told the truth, in contrast to all those pretentious people who mentioned Shakespeare plays, Kafka, Nietzsche or all sorts of highbrow literary things that I’m quite sure none of them had ever even picked up! And I ended up doing really well in the class, so that just goes to show that your reading tastes have nothing to do with your knowledge and understanding of literature and writing!

    And I really think that should be normalized! I’m pretty sure most people don’t only read literary fiction and classics! Sure, there are some epic works out there that I also absolutely adore, but sometimes, you’re just in the mood for something more lighthearted and quick… And since people obviously enjoy genres like romance for that very reason, I don’t think those genres should be looked down upon at all! And besides: Just look at Jane Austen – when she started publishing her books, all those Regency critics said it was mindless romantic nonsense for young women 🙄 And now her books are considered quality classics that everyone should have read! It’s all a matter of what society says is prestigious, so I think if you write what YOU love and actually get discussions going about this kind of stuff at university, it could be a great opportunity to change how certain genres are perceived. After all, studying literature isn’t supposed to coincide with value judgment, but it’s about studying texts and what those texts might mean to certain people! And I’m sure there are people (like me!) who’d love to read one of your romance books one day 😉

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    1. Oh my goodness! Thank you!! I needed to read this so much ❤ This is definitely something that needs to be discussed more because I never even considered Austen’s contemporary’s opinions and how that’s clearly changed in todays view. Its horrible that that happened to you, something similar happened to me and I agree that reading and writing should be about enjoyment.
      Maybe one day you will get to read my writing! If I ever stop procrastinating and actually finish something for once haha! Thank you again ❤

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  6. Good luck with your creative writing classes – sounds like an amazing opportunity and I’m sure you’ll do great at them 🙂 Who cares if your book interests aren’t deemed “high-class” or intelligent. As long as you can talk about what you love with passion, that’s the main thing 🙂

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