My February Bullet Journals 2021

Hey guys!

Happy Friday. How are you doing? I actually have ear ache today and it feels like one side of my head is swollen. How many times have I started a blog post with an ailment complaint? I don’t know but it feels like a lot haha.
Today I am very excited to show off my February Bullet Journal Spreads because like last month I am actually quite proud of the themes I have chosen for both. If you have never seen any of my bullet journalling posts before here is a link to them if you are interested. I started bullet journalling at the start of 2020 and it has quickly became one of my favourite hobbies. But that’s enough pre-amble – As always let me get into telling you about my journals if you are interested in that – if not just skip down to the photos of my spreads.

How I Journal:

I have two bullet journals, one for blogging/reading and then one for my personal everyday life and while this isn’t typical (usually the point of bullet journals is to have everything in one place) but I find that having them separated works best for me. Plus, I get to do two different themes. I decided to upgrade my personal bullet journal this year from an A5 to B5 because I do use it everyday and I wanted a little bit more space than before which I don’t need for my blogging journal. So far I am liking this upgrade as it meant I could condense down all my spreads into fewer pages but I am still not 100% used to the larger size of it now so it’s harder to plan out spreads.

My Supplies:

If there is one thing I’ve learnt about bullet journalling it is that you do not need fancy stuff to do it. I started with a pack of highlighters and journals that were under £10 from amazon and that was it. I have since upgraded because I have fallen in love with journalling and it is where I want to spend my money but you definitely do not need to do that.

My Blogging Bullet Journal:

This is my blogging/reading bullet journal. It is a stunning maroony-berry-purple and I love it. It was £8.99 on Amazon from the company Stationary Island and despite the lower price tag I cannot recommend it enough. It is very sturdy with decent page thickness. I’ve only had the ink bleed through once or twice when I used it last year and I was definitely going a bit crazy with the colouring. I read reviews saying it fell apart on them but I used mine every single day in 2020 and it didn’t break.

This is the progress I made on my Goals in January (excluding the last week of Jan since I took these photos on the 25th) Like I mentioned in my Wrap up, I was super proud of how much I managed to read so far. I have also added a few goals since taking this photo so you will see them next month. A spread that is new to me this year – my reading tracker – which has instantly become a new favourite. I love seeing how often I actually read and I think it will be great to see once we are further into the year how it varies month to month.

This is my year in reading spread, although like the previous picture it is only showing what I read up to the 25th of January since that is when the photos were taken so It is definitely fuller now but at this point I was still very happy with how much I read.

For this theme I picked two colours that I wanted to use (Tombow 912 and 553 if you are interested) and then found a Pinterest design that didn’t matter the colours that I picked and replicated that. I wanted to keep up the flow between pages like I had last month because I thought that was a cute idea. I wish I hadn’t made two book columns for my goals page and just did one instead because since I have started filling them in they are a little small but I’ll make it work.

This spread hasn’t changed much since last years journals because I’ve found a system that works. I like that I put everything in these framed boxes so the background is just behind them. Something I might try again if it works with a future spread idea.

This calendar and stats pages. My stats spread is unchanged from last month as well. I don’t have much to say about this other than I don’t see it changing because I have finally found a layout that works for me.

Similarly, this is basically the same as what I used to do for my Books I got This Month last month spread. I like that the box joins the two pages and it might be my favourite spread of this journal for that reason.

Lastly we have my favourites spread, which is basically a cheat sheet for my monthly wrap-up posts. But it’s also fun to look back and see what I was loving in this month specifically. So yeah, I am pretty happy with this spread overall and the unison between the pages. I like that it’s very different from my other bullet journal and yeah I am just really happy with it.

My Personal Bullet Journal:

This is my personal bullet journal. It is massive. I know it sounds dumb but even though I knew it would be bigger than my old one, it is so much bigger and even after a month of using this I am still struggling with the drawing because of the new proportions. It’s been great for condensing my monthly use into fewer pages but it still feels huge haha.

This is an amalgamation of a few different Pinterest themes that I combined to work with what I liked the most. I wanted a little pink in my spreads since it’s February but also I didn’t want it to scream Valentines/Pink so I thought this was a cute way to have it without being too much you know. I am so proud of my shading/drawing of the banana leaves since plants aren’t usually something I draw but I think I caught their essence pretty well with just two pens (Crayola muted greeny colour for the shading and the Tomdow 192 for all over)

This is probably the busiest and craziest looking double spread I have ever done. I wanted to take this month as an opportunity to try out different forms of trackers since the month only has 4 weeks so I don’t need a massive calendar. I went back to my original style habit tracker after switching it up last month because I just prefer it and I like it a lot. I tried out one of the circular mood trackers that I see everywhere and I do really like it and I want to keep it up but also I need to get better at drawing circles haha. The exercise tracker is a bit different, taking on more of a calendar-esque style and I fill in the boxes with what I do that day. I am liking it so far so it might be a new fave. And then I finally got back my handy water tracker which I missed so much last month.

Now we have my weekly spread. I am super happy with how minimal they are. They give so so much space for all of my uni stuff. I like the small week tracker from last month so I decided to incorporate that and put it in the first box. I loved the style of last month’s weekly spreads too but I thought I would try something different this month and then settle on which one I liked best for March.

Lastly, we have my academic trackers which are at the back of my journal. I have a calendar for all my deadlines and such. Then I have my grade tracker which is something I didn’t have before but I really liked the idea of keeping a record of my grades this term so I added it. I only have two classes this term so it was easy to do. Then we have my work tracker which is identical to last years one which just tracks whether I am on top of the work I have to do each week for each class. This was a godsend last year to keep me from falling behind and hopefully this will do the same thing this term!

So those are my spreads for February. What did you do for your February spreads? I am really happy with mine, and now I need to start thinking of my March themes! After two month of spreads I am happy with I have no idea if I will be able to keep this momentum going haha. Anyway, have a great day and weekend! I will see you on Monday!

20 thoughts on “My February Bullet Journals 2021

  1. Take care, May! 🥺 Your spreads are so 😍😍😍😍😍 and your handwriting 🤩😍🤩😍 I’ve tried bullet journalling myself for the last two years now but…it just didn’t work for me😅 I forget to keep track of everything and evidently I stop using it all together 😛 I wanted to have done sort of way to organize my uni stuff 🥺 but since bullet journalling isn’t working I am trying out notion (*ahem* not going well either) Anyway, enough of my (rant) comment, I am in love with your journal layouts 👀😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I am really proud of them. I don’t know if my handwriting is great…but it’s legible. You are the first person who I have heard that Bullet Journalling didn’t work for which is a shame because I love it! I hope Notion works out better for you (It didn’t work for me either) I am always hyped to read one of your rants!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I just forgot to keep it updated 😛 But I am planning to try out one of those pre-made planners 🤔and see if that works 👀. I am failing at Notion as well 😛. I think it’s better to keep a written journal but sometimes when I get a flash of idea, I find notion to be best for those since I have it handy on mobile too🤔 I am glad I haven’t annoyed you with my rant comments 😅😂😛

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Personally I use One Note for taking my notes for my University clases, and I used my bullet journal more as a to do list kind of thing. Hopefully youll find something that works better for you 🤗🤗

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I don’t notice really as unlike a lot of people I spread doing them over the whole previous month. I would say each double page probably takes between 30-1hr to go from blank to finished if its in my big journal. But my smaller blogging one only takes about 2 hours to do the whole things but it definitely varies month to month


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