Wednesday’s Word of the Week: Uncontrollable

Definition: not able to be directed or influenced

Where I Heard It: I picked this because I am currently uncontrollable in my book buying addiction. I just pre-ordered A Court of Silver Flames. Someone needs to take my Amazon account away from me haha.

Pronunciation: un-con-troll-a-b-el

As always, Stay safe guys!

10 thoughts on “Uncontrollable

        1. Thanks! Productivity seems to be going around today – I finished 3 books which is crazy cause sometimes I dont even read that many in one month, let alone a day 😂

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  1. I like a word of the week. It doesn’t have to be some exotic word we never heard of. Maybe just pick a word to concentrate on every day for a short time and see if it fits/or how it fits into our life. Maybe we observe something externally about the word.
    I don’t know. Just making up this comment as I write. (I’m uncontrollable when writing comments.) 🙂

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