Books I Got in February 2021

Hi guys!

If you saw last months Book Haul – you will know that I put a self-imposed book ban on myself because I got so much last month…well – I think that fact that I have a post for you today really shows exactly how well that book ban went. I blame Bookstagram. It is a terrible influence. A terribly enjoyable influence.
I didn’t buy as much as last month but it is still a decently long list so buckle up kiddies. Let me hop right into things.


A Court of Frost and Starlight (ACOTAR #3.5) by Sarah J Maas – £9 Abe Books
Typically I would leave a link to where I bought this from but it the exact seller I used seems to have disappeared. I had to buy this from a random second hand seller because I desperately wanted to make sure I got the original cover to match the rest of my set rather than the new 2020 recovers. Hence, why I paid a bit too much to get my hands on this edition, although that does include shipping.

War Storm (Red Queen #4) by Victoria Aveyard – £2.94 Alibris
This is another second hand purchase from a random seller because I wanted to keep the cost down. The copies of the first 3 in the series that I owned had all been second hand purchases so I wanted to continue that tradition. It was a different sized paperback to the others when it arrived which mildly annoys me but not that much.

The Cruel Prince (Folk of the Air #1) by Holly Black – £5.19 Alibris
Since I was on Alibris anyway I decided to add this and as well as the next book on my list just to lower the shipping. I’d been eyeing this on Bookstagram as well as Pinterest for a while and heard amazing things about the Enemies to Lovers romance in it. I finished this the other day and I really liked it.

Serpent & Dove by Shelby Mahurin – £5.30 Alibris
Again, another purchase. I hope to get to this soon, as the paperback edition of the sequel comes out in March if I remember correctly so I hope to read this and if I like it then I will be able to buy the sequel.

The Wicked King (Folk of the Air #2) by Holly Black – £6.55 Amazon
After reading a little bit of The Cruel Prince I knew I needed to buy the sequels because I really liked it so I hoped onto amazon and bought the last two in the series. I started reading this last night and I think it’s shaping up to be better than the first.

The Queen of Nothing (Folk of the Air #3) by Holly Black – £5.99 Amazon
Not much to say that I didn’t say above. I’m super excited to get to this and hopefully I will get them all read by the end of February.


A Court of Silver Flames (ACOTAR #4) by Sarah J Maas£13 Amazon
I pre-ordered this a week before it released so…it basically wasn’t even worth a pre-order. But it arrived on release day and I read all 700 pages in 2 days and it was amazing. That’s all.


I was kindly gifted all of these via Netgalley.

The Lock In by Phoebe Luckhurst
I picked this one up at the start of the month because I thought it had an amazing premise. I have read this one and sadly it fell flat for me. I thought the idea was great but it didn’t really effect the characters or their lives at all so it all felt flat and like nothing at all happened because nothing changed from the start to the end of the book.

Trapped by Anna Ray
I recently read another book from Anna Ray via Netgalley and enjoyed it so when I saw this I requested it. I don’t remember even reading the blurb. But I have high hopes since it’s Anna Ray.

The Perfect Plan (The Perfect #2) by Anita Lemke
This is another one where I have read from the author before so I requested without reading the blurb too closely. I am excited to get to it because I enjoyed The Perfect Match which was the first in the series of standalones.

The Perfect Bet (The Perfect #3) by Anita Lemke
Again, same story as above. I will hopefully get to this next month too!

Played by the Rockstar by Christina Hovland
If you know me then you will know I love rockband/rockstar based romances. My favourite book series of all time revolves around a rock band called Mad World. So I am a sucker for anything in this genre, I saw it and I requested. I hope it’s good.

Mercurial by Naomi Hughes
This one caught my eye because it said it was designed for fans of Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo so I requested it because I really like that series. If this gives me a new darkling then SIGN ME UP!!

Dial A for Aunties by Jesse Q. Sutanta
I am a lover of murder mysteries – both in books but also in Tv/Movies. And one of my favourite movies of all time is the Hitchcock classic – Dial M for Murder, so when I saw this title I knew I had to read it. The blurb sounds amazing, and is clearly very strongly based on the bonds of family which I love. And if it has hints to the Alfred Hitchcock movie then I am going to simply adore it!

The Boyband Murder Mystery by Ava Eldred
Finally the last book on this month’s VERY long list is arguably the most ME titled book of them all.
Boybands – check!
Murder Mysteries – check!
YA – check!
Plus it’s a debut novel and I love me a Debut!! So I am super super excited about this. I cannot wait to get to it. I’ve been on a bit of a fantasy book binge at the moment but once that passes, this is top of my list!

See! That wasn’t nearly as bad as last month….okay yes it’s still bad but we all know it could have been far far worse!! That’s the books that I got this month! I would like to suggest a book ban for March but we all know I would just ignore it anyway! I hope you enjoyed this. I will see you tomorrow for my February Wrap Up. See you then ❤

What books have you bought this month?
Have you read any of the books I’ve just hauled?

Any tips sticking to your Book Ban?

13 thoughts on “Books I Got in February 2021

  1. So many books! But hey, as long as the books make you happy, keep getting them! I also ended up buying a few books this month when I was meant to be on a book ban but oh well 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Think it’s because it’s still so soon after christmas and january sales so I imagine a lot of us are well stocked on books and don’t need more…and yet we’re all ignoring our book buying bans anyway!

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