What I Posted Then Vs. What I Post Now #2

Hi guys,

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I spent mine have a Penelope Douglas book binge. I had never read any of her books before and I have read 4 in this past 3 days. I swear I’m addicted. They were so good.

Anyway, today I thought I would do a sequel to the last time I did this post (Linked HERE) because I really enjoyed looking back at the type of posts I have done over the years. Same as last time, I go back on this day the past years of my blog and see what I was posting in this week of each year to see how the things I post has evolved. I hope you enjoy this because I think it’s a fun idea and it would be cool to do it again. Although I started my Blog in 2017, my first post was in July so I obviously hadn’t posted in the March of that year yet. This should be extra interesting because for a couple of years I did Everyday March which is where I posted everyday in March…no idea how I managed that. Anyway, let’s get into it.


2nd – Just Listen Dream Adaptation
3rd – March TBR
4th – Cliché Book Tag
5th – One Night with Hemsworth Review
6th – My Top 5 Book Dedications
7th – Wednesday’s Word of the Week – Salacious
8th – The Book Review I Wrote When I was 11

The main difference here is the Dream Adaption post, I haven’t done one of them in YEARS! Do you think I should add them to my post rotation? I really enjoyed making them and I can’t remember why I stopped. Adaptations are hard to get right and everyone has different opinions so it was always fun to see the different opinions of characters etc.


2nd – Character Profile: Kami
3rd – Who Am I? Book Tag
4th – Let’s Get Chatting…#3
5th- Distortion Book Review
6th – Wednesday’s Word of the Week – Chicanery
7th – Book Spine Poetry #2
8th- Cinquain’s from my Childhood

There are some posts here that are still staples for me, like my reviews, Wednesday’s words of the week, my let’s get chatting’s. I still try to do Book Spine Poetry at least once a year. But we have some posts here that I typically don’t do anymore – one being character profiles and the other being showcasing some of my fun childhood writing. Mainly, because I ran out of childhood writing to show. I did like doing character profiles occasionally when I ADORED a character, but they definitely were not my favourite posts to write so that’s why they disappeared.


2nd – Monthly Anticipations
3rd – Teaser Tuesday #3
4th – Wednesday’s Word of the Week – Uxorious
5th- Serious Moonlight Book Review
6th – Friday Finds #5
7th – My Favourite 2019 Blogging Moments
8th- Let’s Get Chatting…#5

This is actually pretty much identical to the posts I do now, only with a different schedule because I was still attempting Everyday March at this stage, even though I gave up mid-month this time. I remember being really disappointed in myself for that, but now I realise I was pushing myself waaaay too much and I’m glad I stopped to help balance the other things in my life.


2nd- March Monthly Anticipations and Goals
3rd – Wednesday’s Word of the Week – Canyon
4th – Kissing Lessons by Sophie Jordan Book Review
6th – March Bullet Journal Spreads
8th- This Post!

All of these make it look like I stick to my blogging schedule far better than I ever actually do. I think this weeks posts give a good guide of how my regular blog posts are. I love looking back to see how I’ve improved over the years but I don’t think this shows very much progress to be honest but I can see small differences here and there. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this! I thought it was super fun. I will see you on tomorrow! ❤

How much has your blogging changed in the last year?

7 thoughts on “What I Posted Then Vs. What I Post Now #2

  1. this is an interesting post!! you have been blogging for quite sometime. I also binged a book by Penelope Douglas, Birthday Girl and it was really really good. have you read it?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Its so fun to look back. I literally just finished reading Birthday Girl just now. I really liked it, I don’t typically read age gap romances but this was great!


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