It’s Monday, What Are You Reading? #5

Hi all!

I hope your weekend was good. How has your Monday been going so far? I’ve just been doing Uni work all day so I am feeling productive. I had a nice weekend because it was Mother’s Day and I did stuff with my family.
Anyway, today’s post is a It’s Monday, What Are You Reading? post. These have quickly become a monthly occurrence and I don’t think I will be stopping anytime soon because I am really enjoying them. I think they are great because they are a bit like wrap-up but in the middle of the month. It’s when I talk about what I am currently reading, what I just read and what I plan to read. It’s hosted by the Book Date. So I hope you enjoy, let’s get on with it!

What I Read Last Week:

I am last week I was doing great with reading – still keeping up with my daily reading which has resulted in me getting through quite a few books. I read some of Dorothy Wordsworth’s journal and some of Wordsworth’s Prelude for my English Lit class, but I’m not counting that. I also read Birthday Girl by Penelope Douglas which I loved surprisingly since it was an Age Gap romance which isn’t usually my cup of tea but I was very pleasantly surprised. Then I went on an L.J Shen binge reading Vicious, The Hunter and The Devil Wears Black all back to back because she just kept upping it with each one I read. Vicious was okay, The hunter was great but The Devil Wears Black was a whole other level of amazing!! I adored it and it will definitely be in my top 10 reads of the year.

What I am Reading:

I am currently reading reading a few things which is unusual for me because typically I can only really read one thing at a time. Firstly I picked up One of Us is Next by Karen M. McManus for a buddy read on Instagram but I was really struggling to read it because I just wasn’t in the mood for a mystery/suspense novel. So to save myself before I fell into a slump I picked up The Villain by L J Shen to try and give myself a boost of romance to keep me going and see if it pulled me out of the slump I could feel coming on before I let it happen. I also started Collided by Anna Ray to get a jump start on my slowly overflowing Netgalley list but I am only 2 chapters in so I don’t know if that counts.

What I Plan to Read Next:

I have a few books I hope to read next, firstly Fearless by Kaylene Winter which was gifted to me via Xpresso Book Tours. The review is due to release on Thursday so I need to read it before then. I hope to start it tonight. And then Credence by Penelope Douglas is also on my to read but I don’t know if I will get to it this week or next. I also want to reread Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini because that’s on my TBR.

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I hope you guys liked this! I’m so happy with the reading I’ve been able to do lately and it’s just given me a whole new lease of life! I want to hear about what you’ve been reading in the past week or what you plan to read this week! Also what blog post did you write recently that was your favourite? I used to have so much time to check out everyone’s posts but now I feel like I have no time at all between Uni work and all the reading. So I want to hear about them! Anyway, gave a great day and I will see you on tomorrow ❤

9 thoughts on “It’s Monday, What Are You Reading? #5

  1. One Of Us Is Next was just average for me – not as good as the first book. Hope you enjoy all your current reads! One of my current reads is Six Of Crows, which I have finally got round to. Have a lovely day, May.

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  2. I’m currently reading Thunderhead by Neal Shusterman and Songs of insurrection by JC Kang. 😊 my favourite post I did on my blog was my interview with an author, Maya Snow.
    Hope uni is going well! March seems to be a time where uni students get bunged with work 😂😭

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      1. Yeah the books are really good! I had all my exams in January but now there’s so many more assignments to do before the end of term 😅🤔 I haven’t studied English since Secondary school. Is it any different in Uni?

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