May TBR 2021

Hi all,

Excited for May? I had a great reading month (16 books) in April so let’s hope can keep this momentum up for the rest of the year. I am nearly finished off this term at Uni so I should have ample time to read this month!

Currently Reading:

I am 53% of the way through Bluegrass Undercover by Kathleen Brooks and I should have it finished off by the time this goes up. I’m not adoring it but the premise is fun, it’s just a little cliche and missing some depth but maybe it will improve.

When danger and passions flare it’s best to find cover…
Cade Davies is a former Special Forces soldier who is now a high school teacher and football coach. And something is trying to kill his players. He’s been too busy trying to keep his players alive, while also avoiding the Davies Brothers marriage trap set by half the town, to pay attention and to the fiery redhead who has swept into his small town.
DEA Agent Annie Blake was undercover to bust a drug ring that preys on high school athletes in the adorable, small town of Keeneston. She had thought to keep her head down and listen to the local gossip to find the maker of this deadly drug. What Annie didn’t count on was becoming the local gossip. With marriage bets being placed and an entire town aiming to win the pot, Annie looks to Cade for help in bringing down the drug ring before another kid is killed. What she didn’t intend on was becoming the next target.

My Book Club Read:

This month’s book club read is Lords of Pain by Angel Lawson and Samantha Rue. In all honesty I am a little worried about this one because it does come with some trigger warnings. I am going to give it a shot but I won’t be surprised if it’s not for me.

I never claimed to be a good girl, but I definitely never asked for this.
Killian, Tristian, and Rath.
These three men are a part of my past–one that I’d rather never look in the eye again. In high school, they knew my secrets and I knew theirs. They had power and I had nothing. The night everything fell apart, my stepbrother allowed his two best friends to take their rage out on me while he watched. While they laughed. But what happened that night wasn’t my biggest secret. So I ran, planning on never coming back.
Three years later I’m standing on their doorstep like a stray. They’re more powerful than ever now, having risen to the rank of Lords at Forsyth University. But I’m still on the run and there’s another monster chasing me down.
What could bring me back into their lives, their homes, and ultimately, their beds?
Killian, Rath, and Tristian aren’t the only ones who want me. There’s someone far more dangerous out there who’s been stalking me since I left town the first time. Someone who makes the evil I know feel less dangerous than the evil I don’t.
But being their Lady is more than just fancy clothes and reputation.
I might be under their protection, but I’m also at their mercy.
And there’s nothing a Lord loves more than taking control.

New Release:

I pre-ordered Realm Breaker by Victoria Aveyard and I am so excited to dive into it this month. I have had a bit of a break from Fantasy recently so it will be great to get back into it!

A strange darkness grows in Allward.
Even Corayne an-Amarat can feel it, tucked away in her small town at the edge of the sea.
She soon discovers the truth: She is the last of an ancient lineage—and the last hope to save the world from destruction. But she won’t be alone. Even as darkness falls, she is joined by a band of unlikely companions:
A squire, forced to choose between home and honor.
An immortal, avenging a broken promise.
An assassin, exiled and bloodthirsty.
An ancient sorceress, whose riddles hide an eerie foresight.
A forger with a secret past.
A bounty hunter with a score to settle.
Together they stand against a vicious opponent, invincible and determined to burn all kingdoms to ash, and an army unlike anything the realm has ever witnessed.

Continued Series:

Last year I read Soothsayer by Kathryn Amurra and absolutely adored it! Now Kathryn has kindly sent me the sequel (A stand-alone set in the same world) Admonition. It releases in June so I would ideally like to read it this month before it releases. There is no cover for this yet on Goodreads.

Sabina is a young noblewoman who, based on her soothsayer aunt’s prediction, believes her words are dangerous and will hurt those she loves. Following the death of her beloved husband, she takes a vow of silence to protect others from suffering the same fate. Ignored and scorned by those around her, who believe her to be cursed by the gods who took her voice, she is content to live in the shadow of her former life, avoiding society as best she can and staying away from the politics and drama of Rome’s inner circles.
Lucius is an unwilling front-runner to inherit the title of Emperor from Rome’s childless leader, Trajan. Although the soothsayer warns him to steer clear of a pretty face that hides a cursed soul, Lucius cannot help but be drawn to the silent and beautiful Sabina. After learning her secret, he is as determined to help her shed her cloak of silence as she is to keep him at a safe distance. But when Lucius becomes the target of a political plot, Sabina must decide whether breaking her silence will save his life or merely seal his fate.

In April I read Anyone But Rich by Penelope Bloom, so I want to move onto the next in the series – Anyone but Cade. I did like Anyone but Rich but something isn’t pulling me to pick this up yet but I am adding it to my TBR in the hopes that inspires me to pick it up.

After Cade King cost me everything, I vowed I’d never fall for him again—even if he became rich and megafamous.
Now he’s back, and he’s still the embodiment of a big, shiny red button. Everybody knows you shouldn’t touch red buttons, but it’s so, so hard to resist.
I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it a little when I arrested him for disorderly conduct. Unfortunately, I think Cade liked it a little too. So when he asks for my help raising the son he just found out about, I know exactly what to say: “No, you stupidly sexy red button. I won’t touch you, even to help a cute little kid.” You’re damn right that’s what I said. Mostly. Still, Cade doesn’t know the first thing about commitment. He lives completely in the moment. I’d need to have a recurring case of amnesia to believe he could change, even for his son. Or me.

That’s my TBR for this month, I am currently in a big Mood-reading phase so I didn’t want to try to push myself too much. Anyway, I hope you have a great day and month ahead! ❤ Now for today’s Questions…

What is on your TBR this month?
Are you on track for you’re yearly reading goal if you have one?
Are you a Mood Reader or a Planner?

5 thoughts on “May TBR 2021

  1. I’m more of a planner. I just finished typing up my TBR post and will be sharing it on Wednesday. I am doing really well with all of my challenges for the year so far and am on track or ahead of schedule on everything which I am really shocked by.

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  2. Oooo 👀👀. I’m a massive mood reader and tend to tank tbrs really badly. 😬🙈. I was wanting to do the readathin readathon this month but i still have to match prompts and books 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️.

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