Book Spine Poetry #4


How has your week been going? Not much change in mine, I went to the bank today – very dull – so I hope yours was more interesting.
Today’s post my 4th year of doing Book Spine Poetry. (Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 – for those who are interested) I always enjoy doing this, even if it causes me undue amounts of stress trying to come up with something good. I first found this 4 years ago on a blog run by Vivatramp. I wish I could say my term of writing poetry for class helped with this years attempt but I would definitely say no haha. For anyone who didn’t see my last attempt here rules:


  1. You pick out some books from your bookshelf and turn the titles into a piece of poetry.
  2. You can add punctuation, but no words.
  3. You cannot use any books you have used before
  4. List the books and their authors that you used.

Like I said last time, it is far harder than you would first assume. This time it was even more difficult because I am slowly running out of titles that make any sense. It’s situations like this that I am happy I am constantly buying books. XD.

Love’s Sacrifice

Just Don’t Mention It… “The Killing”.
Blood for Blood, Burn for Burn.
Did I Mention I Love You Till Death

The Books I Used:

Title: Love’s Sacrifice by John Ford

Just Don’t Mention It by Estelle Maskame
The Killing by Robert Muchamore
Blood for Blood by Ryan Graudin
Burn for Burn by Siobhan Vivian and Jenny Han
Did I Mention I Love You by Estelle Maskame
Till Death by Jenifer L. Armentrout

Like I said, I am very quickly running out of books that I haven’t already used so this is far shorter than my other attempts but I am still quite happy with it. I read it as someone who has killed for love but I think that’s more the titles doing than what the Book spine poetry itself suggests.
I love doing these and I hope to do it again next year and keep up the tradition for a 5th year! I hope you enjoyed, please give it a go and put it down below if you want to try. Anyway, I hope you have a great weekend 🙂

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