Let’s Get Chatting…#9

Today’s Topic is my thoughts on Kindle Unlimited
Let’s get chatting…

I don’t know if this is the first time you’ve stumbled across my let’s get chatting posts or if you have seen some of my previous ones (I have done 8 others) but usually it’s where I pick a topic that is weighing on my thoughts and I chat about my opinions on it. You guys then respond with your thoughts and opinions below and we chat about it – very simple! As always, keep it kind but I know you will because you guys are amazing. Anyway, let’s get chatting…

I first got kindle unlimited back in 2017. I got a couple months free trial while on holiday and I barely used it because there was very few books actually on kindle unlimited at that stage.
I re-started Kindle Unlimited back in March and got the 2 month free trial that was the promotion at the time. I had just started my Bookstagram and everyone was raving about it and what a great deal it was. Since it had been so long since I tried it out I thought I’ll make the most of my two months and then cancel it…well it’s now June and I have not cancelled – nor do I plan on cancelling because the value for money on this is amazing now.
I pay £7.99 a month. You can borrow as many e-books as you like, with a max of 10 at a time which you can return and reborrow whenever you like. And you can choose from literally millions of e-books in varying genres.
Since Starting, I have borrowed 32 books. It’s great for me because majority of books that are on kindle unlimited are romance novels which is all I read basically. Books by both big name authors and writer’s just starting out are on it and you really can find romances of any trope and interest on there.

The reason I wanted to do a let’s get chatting post on Kindle Unlimited was because I know it works for me as a romance reader, but I was super curious if any of you guys have it who don’t typically read romance and how well it covers your typical genres and if you think it’s worth the money?
I know it is awesome for romance readers, but I have no idea how well it covers other genres like Fantasy, Thriller, Mysteries, non-fiction – so I wanted to ask you guys if you knew or what you’re thoughts on it are.

I know this is kind of short, but I really just wanted to rave about what a game changer this has been for me because I am saving so much money this way!!
If you liked this please show this post some love if you like my discussion type posts! I really enjoy just getting to chat to you guys and without you’re interaction this post makes me look like a raving lunatic with no-one to talk to.
Anyway, I can’t wait to hear what you guys think about Kindle Unlimited and what you’re plans are for this weekend. I hope you enjoyed, and I will see you on Sunday with a review.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Get Chatting…#9

  1. I had KU for a brief time and I really liked it. I mostly got historical fiction and a few contemporary books by indie authors. I just can’t justify the cost (even though it’s not terribly high) since I work in a library and have such easy access to free books that way.

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