Hi there,

You just happened to pick the most serious and probably boring page to read; but sadly it must be said.
Unless I have stated in the individual post, all views and opinions are my own, no links are affiliated and I have not been paid to say or review anything.

I am on multiple author’s blogger lists and I am also a tour host for  YA Bound Book ToursLola’s Blog Tours and Xpresso Book Tours, this does not change my opinion of the writing or the author; it is a part of being in the book blogging community and I am always happy to assist in helping promote any authors I have enjoyed, just as I will always tell you if I did not enjoy or recommend a book.

Also I feel it goes without saying that just because I enjoyed someone’s writing style or plot doesn’t mean you will; I am simply trying to impart my opinion on what I have read, you don’t have to agree or disagree with my views.

Rant over;