Brainstorms Award

Hi guys!What have you been listening to the past few days. I started a new WIP (because that's all I do with my freetime haha) and I wanted the soundtrack to be different from my usual music taste so I decided to listen to some rock and now I'm obsessed. I had never opposed rock … Continue reading Brainstorms Award


Wednesday's Word of the Week: Innocuous Definition: not harmful or offensive Where I Heard It: I was watching Peace and Saraity ASMR (as per because she is my fave) and she was talking about her summer TBR and she said it whilst reading one of the blurbs and I just loved the way she said … Continue reading Innocuous


Wednesday's Word of the Week: Curmudgeon Definition: a bad-tempered person, especially an old one. Where I Heard It: Finding great words for my weekly pick is surprisingly difficult when you don't leave your house, so I'm relying on my family to pick some fun words. Today's pick was by my Dad - I'm guessing he … Continue reading Curmudgeon