Review Policy

Update (as of December 13th 2022): I am currently available for reviews, however it wouldn’t probably get reviewed until the new year


Welcome to my Review Policy Page. It was recently brought to my attention that despite having this book blog for 3 years now, I still didn’t have a review policy page. So, I am rectifying this now. I can only apologise to anyone who previously had to navigate my blog without one. Anyway, enough rambling – on with my policies!

Terms & conditions

  1. I accept both physical and E-book copies. But not Audio Books.
  2. I live in Scotland. So if you want to send me a physical book, I hope you are okay with sending it here.
  3. I will aim to review your book within a month of receiving it. (Unless stated otherwise in my update section, or in our email correspondence)
  4. My review will be entirely honest, even if that means it is not the most positive review. I will always email before my review goes up to give fair warning and to allow you to see my thoughts before they go live.
  5. In addition to this blog, my reviews will also be up on Goodreads (and Amazon, if requested).


While I do not mind reading books of different genres, I am usually inclined to the following:

  • New Adult
  • Young Adult
  • Romance
  • Smut/Spice/Erotica
  • Fantasy
  • Mystery
  • Spy

I genuinely do love books of varied genres; if your book doesn’t fall under any of these, please still feel free to contact me. If I’m interested, I will definitely read and review it.

Additional comments

  • I always state in my reviews whether it will be a Spoiler-Free review or not. If it does have spoilers they will be at the very bottom under the footer, clearly signposted and will probably be to a minimum.
  • I have a whole post HERE about my exact review system and how I rate books. So if you want a bit more detail on the way I review my reads then please check that out.
  • As always, my thoughts are always my own, despite whether a book is sent to me or not. I will link to my Disclaimer Page for my more in-depth and full disclaimer statement.
  • On the rare occasion that I do DNF your book, I will contact you and we can discuss next steps – but I have to say I am very stubborn and don’t like DNFing books so this is an unlikely scenario.
  • Also, if my review is negative or less than 3 stars I am more than happy to move the date of my review if I was meant to be part of a tour or similar event. But I will always still post my thoughts in some capacity.


You can contact me through the contact form on this site or at

Thanks so much for your interest!