My 600th Post

Hi guys, As if Friday's weren't good enough, got to top it off by hitting 600 blog posts! It doesn't feel that long since I was doing my 500th blog post celebration! I am always saying this but I am constantly still surprised my Blog even outlasted the summer holidays of 2017 - let alone … Continue reading My 600th Post


Wednesday's Word of the Week: Birthday Definition: the anniversary of the day on which a person was born, typically treated as an occasion for celebration and the giving of gifts. Where I Heard It: I chose it because today is my 21st Birthday! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! I can't believe I am 21! I … Continue reading Birthday


Wednesday's Word of the Week: Bacon Definition: Bacon is a type of salt-cured pork made from various cuts, typically from the pork belly or from the less fatty back cuts. Where I Heard It: I asked my friend for a word and after some amendments to her less than PG suggestions, she went with Bacon … Continue reading Bacon